How to Log into Wattpad Account and Recover your Password

We’ll identify Wattpad login error in this post. If you log in Wattpad daily to read your digests, this guide will be of help. Any body can create Wattpad sign in either as a students or lecturer. 

If you want to learn more about a particular field on Wattpad, all you need to do is create Wattpad log in that will allow you to follow your favourite topics.

With your Wattpad sign in, you can login Wattpad using the Wattpad app or Wattpad web. However, if you forgot your sign in to Wattpad, you will be denied access to your publisher or advertiser’s account.

What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is a digital company and community for writers to publish their articles and for readers to read published articles. For the record, Wattpad has over 70 million article readers across the globe with users who have the Wattpad login can interract with writers, fellow readers, comments, seek for guidiance, and do a lot more on the platform.

Wattpad can be classified as an academic community where both readers and writters meet and share what they know for others who learn from their expertriate. So, when you login Wattpad on your on web browser or using the Wattpad app, you will meet and interract with academic expert with years of experience in your area of specialization.

For the past decade, is one of the best internet community where articles and stories such as classics, general fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, poetry, fan-fiction, spiritual, humor, and teen fiction are shared freely for readers to read.

Wattpad login page is one of the most visit menu on the site to sign in to Wattpad account, reset Wattpad sign in information if your forgot your Wattpad sign in passowrd or username readers may choose to read Wattpad contents on mobile app and on the web. The platform has over 5 million download for each of their apps for different OS for mobile phones.

Wattpad Apps

With your Wattpad sign in information you can access Wattpad on mobile using the Wattpad apps.

If you are using a Blackberry or Android or iOS to sign into Wattpad site you can download and install the mobile app for your smartphone to access the site on your mobile with your login (Wattpad). Do not forget that you can sign in Wattpad using Facebook if you linked your FB account to the platform.

However, if you are part of this community before now or you are planning to join the over 70 million users using Wattpad to read articles published by professionals and amateur, here are various ways you can follow to Wattpad log in account page on different mobile OS.

Login Wattpad on Mobile Site

If you don’t want to download the Wattpad app for your smartphone you can also login Wattpad on the site’s mobile site. The Wattpad mobile site is for mobile phone users to access Wattpad readers account without the app reader.

1. Open your mobile browser and go to and click on the sign in button or click “”.

2. On the login screen appears you have different options to log into your account. You can use your Facebook account if you are a new reader or if what you used to create Wattpad account was your Facebook profile. You can also sign into your Wattpad account using your Google account.

3. Enter your Wattpad login username and password in the column if you decided to login to your account using your login details and click on the login button.

If you can’t remember the login Wattpad password or username you can bank on the forgot Wattpad online login to reset your password.

That is it. You will be able to sign in Wattpad account on your mobile browser. You can use the Chrome browser or Opera mini. You can even use the Mozilla Firefox if that is the browser you prefer to use.

Wattpad Web Login

Login Wattpad on PC

The best way to enjoy better clarity and large font when reading on Wattpad is to login your reader’s account on PC. For both Windows and Mac users, the way to login Wattpad on a computer is similar. The Wattpad web login procedure is as followed.

1. Open your computer browser and go to Wattpad login page (

2. Wattpad website will bring the Wattpad sign in page where you can login with your Facebook or Google account as an alternative means to Wattpad  log in page and a column where you can type your username and password after which you’d then click on the login button.

If you entered a wrong password or your Wattpad username isn’t correct you’ll not be able to login. However, if you have forgotten your Wattpad password, you need to use the forgot password to recovery your login password and username.

How to Login Wattpad on Mobile

Wattpad Login

So far, Wattpad has had over 70,000 eBook editions you can read on your Android phone. This really worth it to login Wattpad on your Android, iOS, Windows phone and Blackberry smartphone using the community mobile app or on the community mobile site.

1. Download and install the Wattpad mobile app on your phone. Just click on your smartphone OS to download the Wattpad readers app from your OS app store.

Blackberry, Google PlayApple Store or Windows Store

2. Launch the Wattpad readers app on your smartphone and click on sign in or login 

3. Enter your Wattpad username and password into the username and password column. You can also enter the email address you used to register for Wattpad account.

4. Double check to make sure that your Wattpad login password is correctly typed and then click on the login button to log into your Wattpad account on the app reader.

How to Recover Wattpad Password

Wattpad password and username are what get you to your Wattpad dashboard to read your desired stories, articles, fictions, etc and communicate with writters. However, if you have forgot your Wattpad password nd email here is how to use the password recovery feature on the academic community.

You can actually recover login to Wattpad on the Wattpad app reader and you can also use the mobile site or on PC. The Wattpad web page is the easiest to recover Wattpad passwords and emails when you forget them. However, whichever choice you go for, the procedures to recover the Wattpad password is the same.

1. Go to the Wattpad site at “” and click on “forgot password” or launch the Wattpad app on your phone and click on “forgot password”Forgot password

2. Now, enter your Wattpad email address that is attached to your Wattpad account and click on the colourful send instruction button.Send Instruction

3. You have to log into your email account and follow the instruction provided to recover your password.

So easy you said right? That is it. That is everything you need to know about the Wattpad login and how to recover your Wattpad password if you can’t remember it.

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