How to Activate Hbogo using is a web portal to activate Hbogo service on smart TV with the app of the Hbogo activation code on your TV screen.

To activate Hbogo on your media player a unique activation code has to be generated on the device. And the activation code for Roku is different from the Activation code for Apple TV. Therefore, to avoid Hbogo not working you must make sure that you selected the exact device when you visit the activation link for

Through the site, you can select your device, enter the activation code on your TV screen, click on the enter button and select your TV cable provider, log into your account on the cable provider’s network and click on continue to activate Hbogo on your device.

What is Hbogo?

Hbogo is a streaming service to streaming various kind of events online or watch new and popular movies online. With Hbogo service, all its subscribers can activate the streaming platform on their desired device when they’re able to install Hbogo app and generate the Hbogo activation code that will be used on to activate the device.

However, before you can start to use Hbogo you must have an active subscription. Without an active subscription, Hbogo activation will not work. Supported Devices

Hbogo supports a lot of media players. For convenience, you can activate Hbogo on the following devices.

  1. iPad & iPhone
  2. Android
  3. Xbox
  4. Roku
  5. Kindle
  6. Amazon FireTV
  7. Samsung TV

With the above gadgets available at your disposal you can download Hbogo app, install it, generate the activation code, go to, login to your account, select your device, enter the activation code, log in to your TV provider’ account, and activate to keep watching Hbogo on your home or office gadget.

How to Activate TnTdram using

How to Activate Hbogo on Roku Player

Hbogo provides an easy way to activate Hbogo on Roku to have access to all Hbogo contents on Roku device based on your subscription.

  • Add Hbogo channel on the Roku player just like any other channel.
  • Select Hbogo followed by selecting ‘activate your device’ option. You are going to see an Hbogo activation code.
  • Open a browser and visit
  • Select ‘Roku streaming player’ from the ‘Select a device’ drop-down list.
  • Choose your HBO TV provider.
  • Enter the username and password of your ‘My Services’ account.
  • Click ‘continue’ or ‘Hbogo sign in’.
  • Enter the activation code that is displayed on your Roku media player’s screen
  • Click ‘submit’, and wait for a couple of minutes for a success message that you have successfully activated Hbogo on Roku.
  • On your TV, click on ‘continue’ using your remote control and then, you can begin to watch your favourite HBO programming. on Xbox One/360

With Xbox Gold membership you can activate Hbogo on Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, the implication is that you need to be able to register yourself on MY Services Account.

  • Download and Install Hbogo app now on your Xbox 360.
  • Open the Hbogo app on Xbox and click on Activate this device
  • Select your TV provider
  • Write down the activation code
  • Open a browser on your PC or smartphone and visit
  • Select Xbox 360 consoles under select a device and choose your TV provider
  • Log into your Hbogo account to access my services account
  • Type the Hbogo activation on your TV screen and click on Submit
  • Wait for some couple of minutes for success message that you have successfully activated your Hbogo account on Xbox 360. Samsung Smart TV

Using a Samsung Smart TV is the easiest way to generate Hbogo activation code to activate Hbogo account on your smart TV.

  • Download and install Hbogo app on your Samsung Smart TV
  • Open the Hbogo app once you have successfully installed it
  • Select activate your device and the device will pop up an activation code
  • Now, open a browser on your computer or smartphone and go to
  • Log into your Hbogo account.
  • Under select/activate a device  select Samsung Smart TV
  • Select your TV provider
  • Now, type the activation code on your TV into the action column provided
  • Hold on for some minutes for Hbogo to verify the activation code and link your Samsung Smart TV and your Hbogo account together successfully.
  • Once a success message is displayed, it means that the two accounts have been linked successfully. on Apple TV

For Apple TV users, here is how to activate Hbogo account on Apple TV with ease.

  • Download and install Hbogo app on your Apple TV
  • Open the Hbogo app and navigate to settings. Under settings, select Activate device
  • Note the activation code on your Apple TV screen
  • Now, open a browser on your computer or smartphone and visit
  • Click on my device is and select Apple TV from the drop-down and click on continue

  • Select your Hbogo TV provider and click on more option for more TV providers


  • Type your Hbogo account username and password into the column that pops up to log into your Hbogo account.


  • You can change the language if you don’t understand the default language.
  • Type the Hbogo activation code on your Apple TV and click on submit.

Wait for a couple of minutes and Hbogo will successfully link your Apple TV and Hbogo account together using the activation code.

How to Activate Hulu using Not Working

The Hbogo video streaming website is only available in the US. So, if you are trying to activate Hbogo from a country other than the US, you will not be able to activate the streaming service. However, to solve and watch Hbogo videos from other countries other than the US, you must use a VPN and set your IP location to the US.

In summary, the follow are what you need to activate Hbogo online on your device

  1. Hbogo activation code
  2. The device to install Hbogo app and generate the code to activate it
  3. Internet access to log in to
  4. Active Hbogo subscription or free trial

Once the above requirements are available this guide is best for you to activate Hbogo on your device.

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