How to Set Video as Wallpaper on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 OS

Windows OS has a lot of features you don’t probably know include the feature to set video as wallpaper without installing a special video wallpaper software.

This feature lets you set video or.GIF or MP4 as your computer wallpaper. Wallpaper is a static image displayed on a computer desktop.

One popular computer wallpaper is the admin photo. Since it is very easy to set a picture as a computer wallpaper so it is used by most computer users or owners. However, an important feature of Windows and Mac computers include the feature to set video as wallpaper instead of a static image.

Video wallpaper on a computer set up a moving wallpaper on your computer desktop rather the usual static computer wallpaper such as the use of a picture as a computer wallpaper.

The procedure to use video as a background on your computer works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

So if you have a video push wallpaper you want to use as a wallpaper on your computer here is a procedure to achieve that.

How to Set Video as Wallpaper on Computer Desktop Using Video Player

One of the easiest ways to set video as a computer wallpaper is using a video player to force play the video on your computer background. One of such easy to use video player is the VLC media player. VLC media player has a feature to pin a video to top all activities on your computer desktop and also set a video wallpaper on your computer using the video feature.

1. Locate the video to set as wallpaper on your computer and play it using VLC media player

2. Hover your mouse pointer to video and select set as Wallpaper from the drop menu

Set video as wallpaper

3. The video will replace your computer wallpaper for the time being

Note that the video wallpaper will disappear as soon as the video complete playing and return to its previous wallpaper. However, if the wallpaper video is.GIF the video will keep playing repeatedly until you switch off your computer.

How to Set Video as Wallpaper with Push Video Wallpaper

Push video wallpaper is another tool to set a video as a computer wallpaper. The push video Wallpaper tool is not free though but for a token, for the push video wallpaper tool, you will be able to set a preferred video as your computer wallpaper.

Download and install the push video wallpaper tool to the computer you want to run a video on your computer desktop wallpaper.

Click to run the app on your computer and the app demo video will start playing as your computer background video.

Set video as wallpaper

Click on the + sign to the upper left of the app and select a video to set as a wallpaper on your computer. With push video wallpaper you can set .gif as your computer desktop Wallpaper.

Please don’t hesitate to share your view with us if you are able to set video as Wallpaper on your computer using either VLC media player or push video wallpaper Windows software.

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