Classic Gmail Design “How to Switch Back”

The classic Gmail design is outdated with the new Gmail design. Despite most people switch to the new design instantly when it was rolled out, a lot of people will prefer the old Gmail design to the Gmail design.

I have tested the new design and it really cool and the old design is not bad either. However, one cool feature I enjoyed in the new design outside the security measure is the feature to customize your website with hyperlink test on mobile.

However, the choice to migrate back to the classic Gmail settings is at your fingertips and here is a what you need to do to replace the new Gmail design with the old Gmail design.

Classic Gmail Design “How to Switch Back”

To switch back the new Gmail look to the old Gmail login to your Gmail account in standard view or select standard view in the top-center of your account if you are in HTML mode. Click on the gear settings to the top right and click on “Got back to the Classic Gmail”.

Classic Gmail Design

Whim, your Gmail account design will change from the new look interface to the old design, classic Gmail.

Gmail is rolling out some fantastic feature with the new design and rolling back to the classic can be a bit difficult to enjoy the feature and security. However, if you don’t want to be too forward you can wait a while why you maintain the class interface for the complete new Gmail feature to be rolled out before you take the switch.

We don’t know when the new feature will be fully rolled out. Of course, it is based on region. So, the time frame you will begin to see the update in your country might be different from whether the update will be available in my region.

However, if you are the first to get the update and noticed the new feature to protect sent email from forwarding or downloading, kindly use our contact page to notify us so that we took can have a look.

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