WhatsApp Messenger Rooms: How To Create A Group Call From WhatsApp

You can create a Group call on WhatsApp through the WhatsApp Messenger Rooms; all the information you need is in this article.

WhatsApp messaging rooms: Users must have a Facebook account to create a room outside of WhatsApp. Furthermore, unlike WhatsApp video calls, video chats in messenger rooms are not encrypted throughout.

Facebook recently launched the Messenger Rooms feature to take over the popular video conferencing platform Zoom and Google Meet. The feature is available to everyone and will soon be available via WhatsApp, allowing users to make group calls directly with friends on Facebook. The option is already available to some beta users and is expected to be available to a larger user base around the world shortly.

The “Messenger Rooms” link in WhatsApp takes you to the Messenger app or the Messenger website on your mobile phone or web browser. Users must have a Facebook account to create a room outside of WhatsApp. Furthermore, unlike WhatsApp video calls, video chats in messenger rooms are not encrypted throughout.

WhatsApp Messenger Rooms

Facebook’s Messenger application is constantly introducing new features to reach first place in the video conferencing category. Recently, Messenger announced a new “Rooms” feature that allows users to create group calls with up to 50 participants without a time limit. This feature is now available on WhatsApp. Here is everything you need to know about using Messenger Rooms on WhatsApp.

What are Messenger Rooms?

Facebook Messenger added a new group calling feature in April (2020). Messenger Rooms have been added to the Facebook Messenger app. The spaces appear to be a mix of two major current concepts; Video conferencing and house party. This feature allows you to create a virtual space where users can come together. Your friends can come and go as they please as long as the room is not cleared.

You need a link to access a messenger Room. Messenger Room has additional security settings, e.g., users’ ability to kick people out of the room and lock a room to prevent other people from entering the room.

How to Create a Messenger Room Group Call using WhatsApp

Since Facebook owns WhatsApp, it was only a matter of time before we saw the “Rooms” feature in the app. Facebook has been in talks for months about a cross-chat feature between its apps. This appears to be the first step in that direction.

You can create a Messenger Room group call using both the WhatsApp mobile app and the desktop app.

On WhatsApp Mobile App

You can create a Messenger Room call with an individual or a group. The process of creating a room is the same. Note: Facebook Messenger must be installed on your device. Use the link below to download the messenger app.

Launch WhatsApp on your phone and select the person or group you want to invite into a messaging room. Now press the “Attach” button and select “Room.”

How To Create A Messenger Room Group Call From WhatsApp

At the bottom of the page, tap “Create room as …”. The page uses your Facebook account, which you signed into Messenger.

How To Create A Messenger Room Group Call From WhatsApp

On the next page, tap on “Send link on WhatsApp.” Your page is already created, but your friends need the link to join! Send the link as a message on WhatsApp in the group or to a single person.

How To Create A Messenger Room Group Call From WhatsApp

How To Create A Messenger Room Group Call From WhatsApp

You can re-enter the room and wait for them to join by tapping the same link that you shared. You can also wait for someone to enter the room. If someone tries to get to your room without you there, they’ll get a call on Facebook Messenger. Just answer the call to enter the room.

On WhatsApp PC app

The WhatsApp PC app recently added the ability to create calls in messaging rooms. If you don’t already have the WhatsApp for PC app, you can download it from the link below and install it on your PC.

Start the application on your PC. The first time you use it, you will need to scan the code on your phone. Launch the WhatsApp app on your phone, tap the three dots in the top right corner, and select “WhatsApp Web.” Tap + in the top right corner and scan the code on your PC with your camera. You will automatically log into your WhatsApp account.

Now select the person or group you want to invite to a massage room. Click the “Attach” button in the top right corner and select “Room.”

You will be redirected to the web messenger application in your default browser. Sign in with your Messenger or Facebook credentials. Click on “Create Part As …”.

Here! You have just created a Room. Click “Copy” to copy your link and send it to your friends on WhatsApp. Don’t close the Rooms tab of your browser. You have to keep it open for the room to be active.

Who can join my room?

Anyone with the link to your room can participate. People can also enter your room without the Messenger app. Click the Room link to open a Room tab in a browser if you don’t have the Messenger app.

Note that your room link is active even when nobody is in the room. However, people can only enter the room if they are already there. If someone tries to enter a room when you are not there, they will receive a notification that they want to join your room. You can walk into the room and let them participate, or just ignore them if you don’t want them to enter.


Access to the Messenger Rooms shortcut on WhatsApp is more or less identical for Android, iPhone, and the desktop app. To access messenger rooms via WhatsApp:

To create and share a room link on an Android device, open WhatsApp> go to the Calls tab> Create Room. You can also open a single chat, then go to Join> Room or open a group chat (with five or more participants) and tap the group call icon> Create Room.

You will be prompted to continue on Messenger to quit WhatsApp and through the Messenger app or website. You can write the name of the room you created and send the link on WhatsApp to invite users.

People invited to a room can do so by tapping the link and opening it in their mobile browser or the Messenger app. All you need is a current Messenger app and log in with your Facebook account.

The procedure for creating and connecting a room is the same as for an iPhone. For WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop applications, you must click the menu or drop-down menu or three-dot icon above the chat list and select “Create Room.” You can also enter an individual or group chat and click Connect> Room. You will be removed from WhatsApp and taken to the Messenger website in your internet browser.

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