How to Update Huawei OS

Huawei is a giant phone company running Android operating system on all its products before the ban from the US and all the compatriots’ companies working with Huawei including the chip, MicroSD company, etc.

This ban won’t stop Huawei phone though. In fact, Huawei promises to release its homemade operating system called ARK OS or HongMeng which will likely be better than the Google Android Operating system according to the report.

While the preparation of and for Huawei OS is ongoing, Google is still rolling out an update to the existing Huawei phones running the Android operating system.

Huawei OS

Huawei OS is ready to battle competition with the world most popular operating system, Android. It’s going to be a battle between China and the US, and the entire world at large.

The Huawei operating system will not come to the old Huawei phone despite Google threating to pull down all Google services including the popular Google play store, inbuilt Gmail app, YouTube app, Google Map, OK Google, and other popular Google services that are pre-installed on Huawei phone.

When Google will pull down this Google services is when we don’t know and how soon is going to be. However, the Huawei EMUI8 and EMUI9 devices will still receive security updates from Google pending the end of the Huawei temporary license of 90 days.

Update Huawei Operating System

We can’t tell whether Huawei will bring the upcoming OS “ARK OS or HongMeng OS” to the other Huawei phones when Google stopped Android OS update on Huawei phones with the most popular mobile OS.

The new Android OS update brings about security upgrade to Huawei phone and foster smoothness of the app.

To update your Huawei phone operating system pending the time Google will stop the general update to Huawei phones follow these procedures.

1. Click on the gear settings icon on your Huawei phone

2. Scroll down to the system and click on it where you will have access to system navigation, system update, about the phone, Language & input, etc.

Huawei OS

3. Under the System option, click on System Update. If there is an update available you will a notification in a red icon.

Update available

4. Now, click on the system update and let the Android OS run an update check on your Huawei phone and click on the new version.

Update notification

5. Tap on the download and install button.

Download Huawei OS

6. Select your network option. Click on cancel to use Wi-Fi whenever you are connected to Wi-Fi or click on continue to use mobile phone data.

Netwrok selection

7. The download process will begin and install automatically when done downloading.

Huawei OS downloading

Make sure you save all activities on your phone before installing the new OS update if you don’t want to lose them.

Once the update is done successfully, your phone will restart itself and you are done. As at the time of writing this guide to update Huawei OS, we can’t tell whether Huawei will bring their own OS to old Huawei phone when finally made available for the new phones.

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