www.mythdhr.com: How to Login and View your Schedule on MyTHDHR


Are you a member of MyThdhr.com service or you are planning to become part of the furnishing service? Are you planning to know more about thdhr schedule through www.mythdhr.com? This guide is for you to know exactly what you will meet when you choose the ESS home depot service.

Through www.mythdhr.com you can view your job schedules, see orders, and monitor the delivery time. Apart from the benefits and mythdhr your schedule features that allow you to monitor when your next shift is coming up, you will also enjoy mythdhr login benefits to your account privacy.

Needless say that you will enjoy mythdhr associate discount. Therefore, we’ll provide you with every detail you need to know about www.mythdhr.com your schedule information, my apron pay statements, depot login to mention a few.

What is MyTHDHR?

MyTHDHR home depot is a home improvement service and it’s currently the largest in the world. My THDHR has over 2200 stores with not less than 400,000 employees across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

The official website at www.mythdhr.com is a web portal with employees login with their username and password to view “Mythdhr Your Schedule”.

The portal brings together all employees on the platform at mythdhr.com using different logins. 

However, this guide will help you to understand how the popular Home Depot and It’s Human Resource operate. You will also get to know how to access MyTHDHR including My THDHR your schedule Home Depot My Apron & Home Depot ESS.MyTHDHR

MyTHDHR “Your Schedule”

This feature helps you as an employee to view and know your schedule in the upcoming week. However, you have to constantly monitor this section of your employee account so that you will not miss out your work schedule.

If you are one of the MyTHDHR employees here is how to check your work schedule on www.mythdhr.com site and log into your My THDHR account.

1. Open your browser and go to www.mythdhr.com (Home Depot My Apron & Home Depot ESS) official site.

2. Click on the “Your Schedule Link”Your Schedule

3. Enter your User ID, password, and the store number to log into your account to see the work schedule you have.My THDHR

Once you have been logged into your account on www.mythdhr.com you will be directed to view your work schedule.

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How to Modify Home Depot Employee Self-Service (ESS)

As an employee My THDHR, you are permitted to login to www.mythdhr.com to view and modify your information. Once you go to MyTHDHR.com you will see a menu link to access the Home Depot ESS login page where you will need to slot in your employee username and password to log in.

Upon successful sign in, you will be able to view and change your information. The following are what you can change when you are logged into the Home Depot ESS.

  • Review your job summary information
  • View and print historical pay statements and tax statements
  • Change your tax withholdings – for more information
  • Change or activate your direct deposit information
  • Activate a payroll card
  • Change your mailing address
  • Enrol in or change your Homer Fund deduction 
  • Review Leave of Absence (LOA) information and print LOA packets
  • Check your Leave of Absence (LOA) Status
  • Access and make changes to this information in a secure way
  • Use caution when logging into the network
  • Ensure you print documents to a secured printer location

It’s advisable to keep eyes on the information provided as they must be valid. Make sure the email address, residency and mobile number are correct.

How to Log in to Home Depot MyTHDHR ESS


All MyTHDHR ESS employees can log into their employees account via two links. You can log into your employee account using either https://hdapps.homedepot.com/ESSSecurity/logon.do?locale=en_US&appUrl=/ESSOPS/logon.do. If this link didn’t work try the second link and click on the ESS link to log in with your user ID and password. https://mythdhr.com/ESS/Pages/default.aspx.

Unable to Login Home Depot ESS

If you are unable to log into your Home depot employee’s account on www.mythdhr.com to view your schedule you can call MyTHDHR number at 866-698-4347.

The benefit of Home Depot & ESS

The MyTHDHR has a lot of benefits which include financial benefits, work benefits, health, etc.

Financial Benefits:

  • Direct Deposit and Bank stinks
  • Spending Account
  • Future Builder 401(k) Plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

Full-time Hourly & Salaried Associates:

  • MediCal
  • Vision
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Spending Accounts
  • Cosmetic
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Work / Life Benefits:

  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Team Depot Volunteer Events
  • Matching Gift Plan
  • CARE/Solutions For-life
  • Adoption Help

METDesk – Special needs Dependents Assist

  • Associate Discounts
  • Tobacco Cessation System
  • Tax-preparation Discount Program
  • Back up Dependent Care

MyTHDHR Contact

You can contact MyTHDHR via phone number and you can contact them via email.

Phone Number: 1.866 myTHDHR


Email: myTHDHR@homedepot.com

For assistance, if you cannot access your schedule outside my Home Depot store, you can access the assistance page on https://mythdhr.com/Pages/default-hr.aspx

My Apron

Another home of Home Depot online employee services. My Apron works the way MyTHDHR works by providing employees with access to their information such as payroll information, work schedules, benefits, tax document and other employees personal information.

As an employee at My Apron, you can apply for a new position to upgrade from the current work level to another level. However, if you are not using the Home Depot store computer with your user ID and password you cannot access My Apron. This implies that you cannot access MyTHDHR via My Apron on personal gadgets such as mobile phone and home computer.

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MyTHDHR Working Hour

Just like every other online and offline services, the MyTHDHR work throughout the week after viewing the schedule for the week from Monday to Friday and office close during the weekend only.

HRSC) Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm (EST)

(TAC) Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm (EST)

Sat-Sun Closed​

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