How to Apply and Check Illinois Link Card Status

If your income is low and you don’t know how to manage it you can partner with Illinois to manage your benefit from Illinois Department of Human Services using Illinois Link credit and debit card. 

The Illinois link is made for people whose income are very low and are looking for how to live within their means. The Illinois card can be used to buy food from local stores that are authorized to use the card as a means of payment among other benefits.

Once you are qualified to use the Link card, you will enjoy the Link card program benefit which includes cash assistance, medical assistance and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The Illinois Link card can be permanent and it can be temporal depending on the card type you applied for. However, the Link card can be used in all authorized store. The Link card can also work in some other public stores.

Before that, you must apply for public aid, get approval, and check the status of the Link card to know when the card benefit will be available for use.

Illinois Link Card

Criteria to Apply for Illinois Link Card

There are certain criteria that you must meet before you can apply for Link card at Illinois and enjoy all the card benefit for public aid. However, you need to provide the Illinois Department of Human Services the following.

  1. Proof of Identify like ID card, Driver license, International Passport
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Place of residency (Residency number)

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After you have submitted the required information to the Illinois Department of Human Services for Link card application you then need to go to caseworker office to discuss your need and case as regards what you want to use the card for and be able to provide all necessary information required to make your Illinois Link card work in the authorised stores.

Meanwhile, before the application process is done completely and an appointment is slated for you, kindly get in contact with a caseworker to know which documents you need to come along to complete the application once and for all without delay.

How to Apply for the Link Card in Illinois

You cannot just apply for the link card in Illinois. You have to qualify for SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) to receive a Link card.

1. SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program).

Before you can qualify for SNAP to receive a Link card you must meet up the following criteria.

  1. Know the exact number of people who live in your household. They include your spouse, children (under 18 years of age) and anyone else who you buy and share food with. Meanwhile, if you live with friend or family member and you do not buy or share food them, the total household number is 1 which is you alone. Also, if you have a minor living with you with two kids the total number in your household will be four. Therefore, you must learn how to calculate the number of your household.
  2. Before you can qualify for SNAP you must declare the total monthly income of your entire household. To calculate your gross monthly income, add all your source of income and get a total value which will include assistance, Social Security benefits, unemployment insurance and child support.
  3. You must also declare your property (asset). This could be in the form of cash you have saved in your bank account and other properties which include houses, cars, etc.
  4. Once you have declared your asset and calculated your household total monthly income you need to see whether you are qualified and eligible for a Link card. Use the SNAP calculate at to calculate your eligibility. Enter your monthly gross income, the total number of people in your household, and click on the calculate now button.

Apply for a Link Card in Illinois

Calculating your eligibility will let you know whether you are qualified to receive a Link card or not. However, upon eligibility, there are four ways to apply for Illinois Link card.

  1. You can apply for a Link card online which you will submit electronically
  2. You can also download and print the application paper for a Link card, fill it with a pen, sign it, and submit it to the person in charge in the Local Family Community Resource Center via email or fax. You can even take it there in person.
  3. Go to your local Family Community Resource Center to apply in person. You do not need to download the Link card form online, just go to the resource centre, meet the representative and request for a form to apply for a Link card.

How to Contact Illinois via Phone Number

If you are qualified to apply for a Link card in Illinois you can call their phone number to ask questions related to your eligibility, interview, and card approval.

You can call IDHS at 1-800-843-6154.

How to Check Illinois Link Card Status

Upon application, you then need to check back whether your link card is approved or note. If you are eligible and the Illinois form is filled correctly with sincerity, your Link card will be approved within 10 days. 

However, if you have not received your Link card with 10 days or after two weeks you should call the Illinois phone number to check up on your card approval.

Meanwhile, if your card is pending approval, it may take up to a month before the card is approved. This solely depends on the type of Link card you applied for.

Links to Apply for a Link Card at Illinois

Here are the links to apply for Illinois Link card online, download the application form, and find IDHS in your local area.

Apply for a Link card online:

Download Link card form online:

Find IDHS in your local area:

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