How to Upgrade Airtel 3G SIM to Airtel 4G SIM

Airtel Nigeria joins leading network in Nigeria to launch 4G network in Ibadan. The giant Telecommunication company finally revealed 4G plans in Ibadan joining other leading networks in Nigeria, MTN, 9mobile, and Globacom.

Airtel Nigeria has a lot of data plans subscription from daily subscription to weekly subscription, to monthly subscription, and even quarterly subscription.

Airtel Nigeria, the latest mobile network in Nigeria to launch 4G LTE in Ibadan also rolled out series of 4G LTE data plans across the nation.

The Airtel 4G plans support both new and existing subscribers. The new subscribers only need access to a 4G network to start using the new Airtel SIM with 4G internet connection network upgraded while the old Airtel subscribers are to upgrade from Airtel 3G to Airtel 4G.

Airtel 4G plans

How to Upgrade Airtel 3G SIM to Airtel 4G SIM

If you own an Airtel 3G SIM card you don’t necessarily need to buy a new SIM for Airtel 4G network. However, to enjoy Airtel 4G network and Airtel 4G plans on your old Airtel 4g network follow the procedure below.

1. Backup your contacts on your old Airtel SIM card

2. Visit the nearest Airtel outlet in your location

3. Meet with the Airtel customer care representative agent and request for Airtel 4G SIM upgrade

4. Fill the form according to with your detail information

5. Within 24hours your Airtel SIM card will be upgraded to 4G network

Once this is done you Airtel SIM will start recognizing Airtel 4G network and you should be able to subscribe to Airtel 4G plans.

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