How to Activate Kayo on Smart and Streaming Devices

In case you love to watch sport on your device, you must know about how to activate Kayo. Kayo is one of the biggest live streaming services in Australia. It’s among the top streaming services in the world. Kayo is a budget-friendly service and provides the best way to watch sports streams. You can enjoy Kayo on compatible devices like a smartphone, Apple TV, or PC.

Kayo has a lot of features for sports lovers since it’s the best alternative available in the market. Kayo has more than 50 available sports that you will like to watch like the ESP and BeIN sports. It also has the split-screen feature, which enables you to enjoy four games all at once.

Kayo app has a 14-day free trial version before subscribing to a plan, you can take a free trial version for watch and test run the kayo app. Then if you are satisfied you can select a subscription plan of your choice.

To activate Kayo on your device go to and enter the code which will be displayed on your TV screen. Here in this article, we will be updating you on the steps for Apple TV, Android TV, how to activate Kayo on your device, how to delete Streamotion on your Account, and auth. without Activation Code. 

The will help to activate the software, but lately, users have encountered several problems in activating Following the steps on how to activate Kayo on your device can activate and stream videos without any difficulties. You have to access this link https/ to activate Kayo on your device.

How to activate

To activate,you need to follow the steps below. Take note and ensure you do not refresh the page to avoid code not working. Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to using your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  • Enter the code displayed on your TV screen to activate your device.
  • Your device will automatically be activated immediately after you enter the correct code.

How To Activate Kayo On Your Device

Activating your device is easy and your compatible TV is required when you are logging in to Kayo. Kayo can be activated on your device by following the guidelines stated below:

  • Use your smartphone, tablet, or PC to log into Kayo (if you haven’t already)
  • Log in to Kayo TV and follow the instructions displayed.
  • On the same device, navigate to the official link https/ to activate Kayo on Device.
  • Open the Kayo app on your TV and choose ‘Sign In’.
  • An 8 digit code will be displayed on your TV.
  • Enter this code displayed on your phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Once you enter the correct code, your device will be activated.
  • Now you can select your profile and enjoy Kayo on your Device seamlessly.

Follow the instructions carefully to activate Kayo on your device. Activate Kayo

Available Channels on Kayo

The following are the interesting channels available on Kayo:

  • Fox Sports News
  • Fox Sports
  • ESPN
  • Fox Cricket
  • Fox League
  • Fox Footy
  • beIN Sports
  • Sky News Australia

Activate auth.streamotion.comau/ on Apple TV 

Follow the steps below to activate on your Apple TV device:

  • Go to the Apple TV Apps store and sign in to your account.
  • Search for the “BINGE” app under the “Entertainment Section” and install it on your Apple TV.
  • The BINGE app is available for tvOS 12+ and AP4 (Apple TV 4th generation) or higher OS version in the App Store.
  • Set up the BINGE app and select Sign in immediately after the app is launched successfully.
  • Navigate to au/activate on any web browser to enter the activation code.
  • Open the BINGE app and follow the on-screen instructions step by step.
  • Sign in to your account to start watching.
  • Enjoy! 

Activate auth.streamotion.comau/ on Android TV

To activate your Kayo on your Android TV, you need to follow the steps below carefully. This post will guide you through every step of the Android TV Kayo Activation process:

  • The Android TV OS should be 7 or more. 
  • You have to search the kayo sports app from the Android store and the kayo sports app should be downloaded. 
  • After downloading the kayo app, you have to install it. 
  • Now you can log in to the kayo app with the Sign-in details which you provided during the Sign-up process and start watching the contents.
  • You can subscribe to kayo through a web browser if you are not subscribed to the Kayo app. without Activation Code

In case you did not get an activation code, you can activate Kayo without an activation code, follow the steps below carefully and avoid mixing things up:

  • Set up the Apple TV and connect it to your TV via HDMI cable.
  • Connect your Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad to the same wifi network.
  • Swipe down the apple device screen, tap on the Airplay icon, choose your TV name on the same wifi as your iDevice.
  • If the setup above is performed properly, then the BINGE video will be airplay to your TV screen. That’s it!Activate Kayo

How to delete Streammotion on your Account

To delete your Stream Motion account, you need to send a request email to ask for permission! Follow the steps below:

  • Open the email account associated with the
  •  Tap on “Compose Email” and send a mail to
  •  Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” in the Subject section.
  • Compose the body section of the mail requesting for the deletion of your account and delete all details like Email Address etc so it can be deleted from their server!

The will help you activate the software program, however recently, customers have challenged sure points in activating Auth Streamotion com AU. Hence they are scared that Auth Streamotion com AU Activate may not work.

I hope this article came in handy for you. Follow through the process stated above carefully and understand each step. Let’s know what you think about this post in the comment section below. For a related article, click here.


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