How to Fix Alexa Reminders not Working

Alexa or Echo dot is known for its reminders feature apart from the smart home benefit. However, Alexa could be malfunctioning in that the Alexa reminders will not notify you or announce reminders. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how to fix Alexa reminders on all devices not working.

Although, the Alexa reminders may not work if it’s not supported on the devices. So, if the Alexa echo isn’t compatible with your smart home device, you will likely see reminders are not supported on this device Echo Dot.

Despite the fact, that is easy and simple to set up a reminder on your Alexa device or put the A;exa echo dot into a recurring reminder. If the Alexa device isn’t supported or the Echo dot is not working on the device you will have a hard time using the Echo dot reminder.

Alexa Reminders on all Devices not WorkingTherefore, if your limitation to using the Alex smart device is the issue of the reminder, this article will explain in detail how to fix Alexa reminders on all devices not working.

How to Fix Alexa Reminders on all Devices not Working

Below are ways to troubleshoot your Alexa Echo dot if the reminders are not working on all devices.

  • Restart the Alexa device
  • Reset your Alexa device
  • Update the Alexa Echo Do Firmware
  • Check the Settings.
  • Turn on the Reminders volume on the Alexa App

How to Restart your Alexa Echo Dot

The first step to take when your Alexa reminders are not working across all your devices the first step to take is to restart the device.

Therefore, to restart your Alexa Dot follow the steps below.

  • Unplug the Alexa device from the wall socket.
  • Wait for the device to discharge all its stored charges. This should be within 30 seconds and above.
  • Plug back the cables and turn on the Alexa.

The Alexa reminders should be working after now. And if after the steps above, your Alexa reminder isn’t working, try the steps below if your Alexa device uses batteries.

  • Turn on the Alexa device.
  • Remove the battery cover.
  • Remove the batteries completely from the Alexa.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds like 30 seconds or more.
  • Insert the batteries correctly and turn on the Alexa.

Now, check the Alexa reminders or set a new reminder to confirm whether the reminder has started working or not.

Update your Alexa Echo Dot to the Latest Firmware

Bugs from the outdated Echo Dot firmware can ruin your Alexa reminders settings. Therefore, you need to keep the device’s firmware up-to-date. So, to fix the Alexa reminders on all devices not working, consider updating the smart home to the latest firmware possible.

  • Turn on your Alexa or Alexa Echo Dot.
  • Connect the device to WiFi or Hotspot.
  • Do not interact with the Alexa voice command or mobile app.
  • The Alexa device will be connected to the firmware server database to download and install the latest version possible automatically.

If there is an update available, the update will be downloaded and installed within the space of 15 minutes depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi connection.

Increase Alexa Echo Dot Volume

If the Alexa Echo Dot device’s volume is at the least it can hinder the Alexa reminders from getting to your notice. Therefore, you need to adjust the volume and increase it to a reasonable level where the reminders’ announcements will be brought to your notice.

  • Open the Alexa mobile app on your Android or iPhone/iPad.
  • Click on the “Menu” to the top left of the screen.
  • Select “Settings” from the drop menu.
  • Select “Devices Settings.”
  • Click on the name of the “Alexa Echo Dot” whose volume you want to increase.
  • Use the Audio Volume slider to adjust and increase the volume.

So, if the Alexa reminders on all devices not working is caused by the soft volume then the steps above should fix it and return the Alexa volume to normal.

Check Alexa Settings [Echo Do]

If your settings [time and date] are not correct it can lead to the Alexa reminders not working on all devices. Therefore, we will take you through the steps to set your Alexa timers or time to fix the Alexa reminder not working.

  • Open the Alexa Echo Dot app on your smartphone [Android or iPhone].
  • Click on “Devices.”
  • Scroll to “All Devices” or “Echo & Alexa.”
  • Choose your Echo Dot with the clock to open the selected device settings.
  • Choose “LED DISPLAY” under the “General.”
  • Enable or disable “24 hours” depending on your choice.

Now, after the steps above, check whether your Alexa reminder is working or not.

If at this point the reminder is still not working, then, you might need to reset the Alexa Echo Dot to the factory settings.

Note: Restoring your Alexa Echo Dot to the default or factory settings will erase all personal configurations and render the smart device out-of-box.

How to Reset Alexa Echo Dot

If your Alexa reminders on all devices are not working then consider resetting the device. Only choose to reset the Alexa when none of the recommendations above work.

Once the reset is completed, you will need to set up your Alexa device as all initial settings have been erased.

How Do I Cancel a Reminder on Alexa

If you think of how to cancel a reminder on Alexa here are the steps to take.

  • Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Click on the “Menu” button.
  • Click on “Reminders.”
  • Click on the reminder you want to cancel.
  • Click on the edit button to edit the selected reminder.
  • Click on “Delete” to delete the reminder.

The steps above will cancel the Alexa reminder you selected.

Other problems you can encounter with your Alexa device include the following.

  • Alexa alarm not showing In app
  • Alexa reminders not working on iPhone
  • Reminders are not supported on this device Echo Dot

However, with the steps on how to fix Alexa reminders on all devices not working, you can fix Alexa alarm not showing in app, Alexa reminders not working on iPhone, and reminders are not supported on this device Echo Dot.

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