How to Fix My Schlage Lock won’t Open [How to Fix]

How frustrated would you get when you get home after a tiring day at work, unlock your door but the Schlage lock won’t open, annoying right? Usually, your Schlage lock blinks green whenever it’s unlocked, but what do you do when your Schlage lock won’t open even after this. 

There are different causes for your Schlage lock won’t open, and in this article, FixSmartHome will analyze these causes.

  • Enabled Lock Override.
  • Enabled Vacation Mode.
  • Improper installation of Schlage lock.
  • Incorrect User Code.
  • Replace batteries.
  • Software issues

With the obvious provision of causes, there are solutions to Schlage lock won’t open. And that would be the matter of discussion in this article. 

Fix Schlage Lock won’t Open

Just as there are causes of problems, you can derive solutions to the issues in electronics. Earlier we spoke about the possible causes of your Schlage lock won’t open; in this section, we will help find solutions to respective causes and more. 

Below is an enumerates simple fix to the issue:

  • Disable Lock Override if enabled. 
  • Also, ensure that your code is correct.
  • Disable Vacation Mode if enabled.
  • Check for bad installation of lock, if found fix it. 
  • Replace low batteries with a new one.
  • Restore factory default settings
  • If all fails, try unlocking it with its physical key.

Schlage Lock won't Open

Disable Lock Override if Enabled

When you activate/enabled the lock override feature, inputting your code in the keypad would not work because the keypad has been disabled. So, you might be inputting the right code, but it won’t respond unless you disable it.

To disable the Lock Override feature, follow the below steps:

  • Remove the battery cover> Disconnect the battery> Remove the battery.
  • You will then find a lock override slot.
  • If this slot reads ‘LOCKOUT’, that means that Lock Override is enabled.
  • You can use a screwdriver to tune it to normal. 
  • Replace the battery and cover.

This should fix the Schlage lock won’t open and your keypad should open normally. That said, if after this procedure you still suffer from this unlocking issue, visit the next solution. 

Also, Ensure that your Schlage Programming Code is Correct

This is hardly ever the issue, but it is possible that you might be inputting a previously changed code and expecting it to unlock. So make sure the code is correct.

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Disable Vacation Mode if enabled

If your Schlage lock has the new vacation mode feature, this means you cannot use your keypad lock for a period of time. Enabled vacation mode disables all User Codes during a specified vacation time.

Factually, you could put in the correct keycode and the lock won’t unlock; what you will have to do is disable vacation mode to see if this solves your problem.

To disable Vacation mode:

  • Enter your current Programming Code via the keypad.
  • The lock will blink green, followed by a chime and beep once signifying that the mode has been disabled.

If this does not work, do not panic, continue following us through the next steps

Check for Bad Installation of Lock, if found fix it

If you had tried all the previous steps and you still cannot unlock your Schlage, then it is time to check the physical state of your lock. Perhaps the latch had been damaged and it has difficulties retracting. This could be caused by a poor installation, or if the lock sustained a blunt trauma by burglars too. 

If you are certain that this is caused by a bad installation.

  • Uninstall the lock
  • Fix and recouple your device
  • Reinstall it again properly. 

Replace low Batteries with New one

Low batteries could be the cause of your Schlage lock not opening. Without sufficient power, your Schlage lock won’t open or function properly. If this is the cause, you can buy replacement batteries to replace the drained ones.

Obviously, there is a low battery indicator, so when you get this alert, try replacing them quickly. Do not ignore this alert. 

Follow the steps below to remove your Schlagel lock battery.

  • You will find the battery compartment on the interior assembly.
  • When you do, remove the battery cover
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Remove battery.
  • You will then find a lock override slot.
  • Replace the dead-out battery with new ones
  • Replace the cover.

After replacing the batteries, try to unlock the Schlage using the keypad.

Note: Removing your Schlage lock battery in some versions can reset the lock.

Restore your Schlage Lock to Factory or Default Settings

If the Schlage lock won’t open still, you should try to reset your lock back to factory settings to clear all bugs that could be causing this issue.

Like most resets, this procedure fixes many issues your device might be facing. That said, you will lose all previously-stored code and data, so you should reserve this as the last option.

Here is how you can reset your Schlage keypad lock:

  • You will find the battery compartment on the interior assembly.
  • When you do, remove the battery cover
  • Disconnect the battery >> Remove battery.
  • Press and release the Schlage button.
  • Reconnect the battery after 10 seconds.
  • Long-press the Schlage button until it turns on a green light with a chime.

After the reset, input your preset/default code for unlocking, this should unlock. A reset might differ according to models, visit your user’s manual on how you can carry out a factory reset on your Schlage. 

Please, make sure you change your default code back to a new one using add new User Codes.

If all Fail, Unlock your Schlage with the Key

This is an alternative step for all steps, not really a conclusive resort like the factory settings reset is. So you can always try this at every fail of each step of Schlage lock won’t open.

  • All you have to do is fish out your Schlage physical key
  • Insert into the keyhole.
  • Unlock by turning the thumb.
  • This should lock or unlock through the thumb turn in the interior.

Unlock your Schlage with the Key

Schlage won’t open [Summary]

After trying out all these procedures for Schlage lock won’t open, you will find that most issues could be fixed by a reset. That is unless your lock has some physical deficiencies. Also, if you have some features activated (like Vacation mode or Lock override) it is not a problem; perhaps your partner had activated that.

Usually, you get an indication for low battery but there are times you do not get it, if you, however, feel there is a need to change the battery, do not hesitate to.

Note: Schlage keypad locks use non-rechargeable batteries, therefore, it requires regular monitoring to make your lock function perfectly.

If after this all, you still require further assistance, contact Schlage on their website or call them via 888-805-9837.

So, which of these Schlage locks won’t open guide helped you out? Leave a comment below.

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