How to Remove Yourself from BeenVerified

What is “BeenVerified Opt Out”? How do you remove yourself from BeenVerified public listing service? Can you use the BeenVerified Opt Out page or form to remove your name, phone number, address, SSN, financial information, etc from BeenVerified without cancelling your BeenVerified account?

If all these are your agitations here is a complete guide for. We commit to helping you to remove yourself from BeenVerified using the BeenVerified Opt Out form so as to stop BeenVerified from selling your data.

BeenVerified is not the only aggregator websites out there that scrap your contents fo=rom public records database and share it or sell it to people.

We have seen the likes on Spokeo, TruePeopleSearch, USPhonebook, TruthFinder, Intelius, and many others like that.

However, these websites don’t own the original but they search for them on public records and made them available on their platform.

If you are sceptical whether your personal information is made available on other aggregator websites that are mentioned above you can consider our guide on Spokeo Opt Out, USPhonebook Opt Out, and TruePeopleSearch removal.

What is BeenVerified?

BeenVerified is a background check company that provides consumer-initiated criminal background and people search services through its website for profit as well as its mobile application “Background Check App.”

With this BeenVerified is able to gather who’s who information using its aggregator’s algorithm. However, if you do not know how BeenVerified works, let me quickly run over that before we proceed to how to remove yourself from BeenVerified.

How Does BeenVerified Works?

If BeenVerified doesn’t own the data on their database how then does the platform works? So, how does BeenVerified works and gather information about the individual without submitting those data?

BeenVerified is an aggregator website that gathers information visiting online records which include public record databases, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, property records, criminal history information, and many more.

Invariably, BeenVerified got all personal information from users’ activities online. Despite the fact that BeenVerified doesn’t have individual information on their database, it’s easy to remove your information from the platform using the BeenVerified Opt Out form.

What is BeenVerified Opt-Out Page?

The BeenVerified Opt Out page is a form or request page where people ask BeenVerified not to sell their data and request the deletion. The steps take a while to take effect though but it definitely works.

However, if the data is not deleted from the original source it’d be re-added to BeenVerified again. Therefore, to opt-out of BeenVerified completely you need to delete your information from the original source as well.

How to Remove Yourself from BeenVerified

Follow the procedures below to use BeenVerified Opt Out request form to delete yourself from

  • Go to the website.BeenVerified Opt Out
  • Scroll down to the bottom or go to the footer and click “Do not sell my personal information.”Sell Personal Information
  • Input your first and last name, select your country from the city option or choose all and click on the search button.Search BeenVerified Opt Out Form
  • Go through the gathered name and click on the information that matches your personals.BeenVerified Opt Out Result
  • To submit your “Opt Out request from” input your email address, check “I ‘m not a robot, and tap “send me verification.”BeenVerified Verification
  • BeenVerified will send a response that they have received the request to delete your BeenVerified Opt out form.BeenVerified Opt Out Email Received
  • Open the “Email Address” and tap on the email from “ and tap “Verify Opt-Out.”Opt Out of BeenVerified
  • BeenVerified will start to validate your request. Once your request is successful you should see the screen below that your BeenVerified Opt Out request has been confirmed.BeenVerified Opt Out confirmed
  • Done.

You can check back after a few weeks to see if BeenVerified has removed your personal information from their database.

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