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Kingo Root APK All Versions Download

Kingo Root APK is a tool for Android to unlock all hidden features. With Kingo Root APK, you can root Android to unlock features you never thought you could use on the phone like battery life control, improve performance, install apps from all apps download source, and enjoy your device flexibility.

Kingo Root APK app is similar to rooting apps One click root, Vroot, SRS-Root, SuperSU pro, KingRoot, Root master, and other root apps for PC and without PC. You do not need a computer to grant your Android a root access. All you need to do is enable install from unknown sources to be able to install KingoRoot APK and tap on the root option to start the rooting the process.

It takes less than a minute to complete rooting. You can also download Kingo Root for PC to root your Android. The two procedures have the same end result. It’s faster to root Android using Kingo Root APK and it doesn’t require a technical approach.

However, to root an Android device using a computer with Kingo Root, you must first enable debugging mode in your Android so that the computer will be able to identify your phone when connected to it via a USB cable.

Due to a lot of demands, Kingo Root APK supports virtually all Android devices including Samsung, Infinix, Tecno, Sony, and other popular devices. When you root Android device it’s similar to jailbreaking iOS devices.

However, here in this article, we’d document how to root Android using a Kingo Root APK app without a computer, how to root Android using a computer with Kingo Root for PC, and a link to download all Kingo Root APK versions.

Kingo Root APK App

Features of Kingo Root APK

Here are some of the features of the root APK app for all Android devices.

One Click Root

The APK root app supports one click root. This implies that you only need to click on root access on the app whether with the APK app or the computer software. When you want to use the APK root app you do not need to enable debugging rather you only need to enable install from unknown sources.

Simple Interface & User-friendly

All Kingo Root APK app has a simple interface and the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. There no special set up required to run the app to grant root access on your Android OS device.

Kingo Rook APK works Offline

You do not need an internet connection to root your Android device once the app is downloaded. Once the app is download and the app is installed you can simply go ahead and grant root access with the app without an internet connection. However, an internet connection isn’t a barrier, it’s just not compulsory to root your device. You only need an internet connection to download the root APK installer.

Kingo SuperUser

Instead of you to download SuperUser separately to root your device the Kingo APK will automatically install the app once the APK is installed successfully and rooted as expected. This is similar to the official SuperSU pro we normal install to root our Android.

Kingo Root APK Download

Here are the direct links to download all Kingo Root APK apps for Android. For over some months now, there has been a quite number of KingoRoot APK app with all bugs fixed.

KingoRoot APK All Versions

KingoRoot v1.1.8.1835Download
KingoRoot v1.2.2.1915Download
KingoRoot v1.2.3.2015Download
KingoRoot v1.2.4.2090Download
KingoRoot v1.2.5.2112Download
KingoRoot v1.2.6.2134Download
KingoRoot v1.2.8.2171Download
KingoRoot v1.2.9.2183Download
KingoRoot v1.3.0.2198Download
KingoRoot v1.4.3.2539Download
KingoRoot v1.4.4.2620Download
KingoRoot v1.4.5.2663Download
KingoRoot v1.4.7.2750 – Latest VersionDownload

Unzip the Kingo Root APK

To unzip any of the root apps above you need a File Explorer with a password. Open the File Explorer on your Android device and type “Gadgetswright” as the unzip password. Having unzipped the .zip app you will see the zip file in the new folder.

Root Android Using KingoRoot APK

Now, having successfully unzip the root APK app. Then, it’s time to root your smartphone with the root app. First, you need to enable install from unknown sources. Go to phone settings >> security >> unknown sources >> enabled.

Root with KingoRoot

Here is how to root your phone with Kingo APK app

  • Go to file manager
  • Navigate to your download folder
  • Click  to install the root app
  • Click on KingoUser
  • Tap on the root option
  • Wait for a couple of seconds

Once the root access is completed you can download an Android root checker to verify the root access on your phone.


To unroot your device remove the Kingo Root APK SuperUser and install and the Kingo app components from your phone. You can also try vRoot or KingRoot.

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