Check Out The Best Language Learning Apps For Android And iOS

Perhaps, learning a new language is part of your goals for this year, then you should check out the best language learning apps to help you accomplish that goal. Learning a new language does not have to be such a huge task when it can be done easily in your comfort zone using any of these applications.

Also, they make learning fun as they come with fun tasks and games to keep you entertained while you learn. To help you learn efficiently, we have compiled a list of the best language learning apps for 2020. Stick around with us, and we will show you.

Best Language Learning App for Android and iOS

Here are the best language learning apps to learn other languages that are not your official languages.


Memrise is one of the most popular applications for language learning and one of the best too. With Memrise, there is no shortage of words ensuring that your vocabulary in the new language is very good. The app has a wide range of courses on almost every language you can think of.

With Memrise, learning is extremely fun as it comes with memes and games. Its learning method relies on creating funny associations with the words you learned. The app also has a community where members create and add their own memes.

You can also follow fellow learners and compete with them to see how well you are doing in the ranking of a course. This is a way to motivate learners to do better. The use of memes is definitely a great way to help you Memrise new vocabulary. Memrise is available for download on Play Store and Apple Store.


This is another great language learning tool that helps you learn a new language with the help of a proficient tutor. These tutors are always available to answer any questions you have. They can also help you suggest extra resources and assign and correct homework.

Hence, if you are serious about learning a new language, then this app is for you. It is good for both beginners and intermediate users of the language. All courses are broken down into short 10 to 15 minutes sessions so that you don’t get bored. It also helps to track your progress, ensuring that your review topics are geared to your specific needs.

Currently, the only offer Japanese, Russian, and Hebrew language courses while French, Spanish, and Chinese (Mandarin) courses are coming later in the year. It comes with a subscription and is only available for download on Play Store. Once you’ve subscribed, LinguaLift allows you to have access to all the languages, and you also get their Language Learning Secrets book and your customized study plan called, A Road Map to Fluency.


This is another popular and great application for language learning. Duolingo is merged with numerous games, making it fun and learning addicting. All of Duolingo’s courses are created by native speakers of each language.

Another unique feature of this app is that it is not aimed at only English speakers, but every course aims at those with a different first language. Duolingo is also available for download on Play Store and Apple Store.


With its Whatsapp-like chat, HelloTalk enables learners to find and converse with native speakers of their target language. This helps facilitate ones speaking practice using voice or text messages.

Another great feature it has is that you’ll get to meet speakers of your target language who might want to learn your language as well. This two-way learning makes it more fun. Also, what sets it apart from a basic chatting app is that users get to correct each other’s messages using the in-built correction tool. This single tool can transform the chatting experience into a mini tutoring session.

It also has an integrated translation system so that you don’t feel stuck at any point during the conversation. You can also mark your top conversations or messages so that your favorite words or phrases don’t get lost. HelloTalk is available for download on both Apple and Play Store.


When it comes to games and learning, Mindsnacks is the best. Each language course they offer comes with numerous games designed to help you improve your vocabulary, grammar and practice your listening and speaking skills too. It also allows you to monitor your progress such that you’ll see clearly how much more learning is needed to achieve your proficiency.

The app assigns quests making you feel like a language explorer, and the timed games also help to keep one engaged. While the free version comes with very limited games, the paid version comes with many more lessons and games. Mindsnacks is available for download on Play Store and Apple Store.

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Now that we have shown you the best language learning apps for Andriod and iOS, you can begin to enjoy a fun-filled learning session. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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