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UC Browser Lite for Android and iOS Devices

UC mini browser new update release with some super fast features. UC Mini is a micro version of UCWeb browser for Android. It’s similar to Facebook Lite for iOS. UC browser mini doesn’t consume space yet it works like the normal browser.

There are hundreds of browsers to choose from that works with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac depending on what individual needs. We have the likes of Google Chrome for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. There is Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mni, Valvidi, UCWeb browser for PC, Internet Explorer and a whole lot of them.

If you are a fan of UC browser the mini is what you need on mobile. US browser mini is similar to Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger Lite which doesn’t consume much space like the official Messenger app.

If you hate to download all apps that you come across and still want to use them to have a feel of how fast they and whether you should consider them. Do not download UC Mini, try to use UC web browser on progressive web apps such as AppScope.

With a PWAs, there is no need to download the app itself before you can use it. All you need to do is open a browser and go to your favorite PWA to launch the app.

UC Mini Browser

UC Mini Vs UC Official

If you have been using the UC web browser for a while it may be very difficult and challenging to drop it for the mini. It’ll be good to know the difference between the UC web official browser and the UC Mini browser. This could lead to why you should download UC Mini browser and uninstall the UC web browser official app.

  • The UC Mini has a simple interface unlike the official browser with a bit of complex user interface
  • They both have the same function and download speed
  • UC browser mini has a super download speed compared to the default
  • It doesn’t slow your device
  • It requires a limited space to download and install
  • UC Mini password manager feature is similar to UCWeb Browser
  • The browser works like other browser and it has a desktop version
  • Both versions are available for download in the Google play store.

The features of the UC browser mini are the same with the default UC browser you have on your phone before. The only difference between the official and lite is that the lite is a concise version of the default browser.

Features of UC Mini Browser

UC Browser Lite has a whole bunch of features. It makes the concise UC browser a great tool to replace UCWeb browser official on phone with limited RAM and ROM. However, still the same features as the official UB web app.

Small Size

UC browser mini has a very small size. Even without an external storage you can download and install the browser directly on your phone. Nothing to worry about.

Navigation Card

This where you get to know more about local contents that are currently trending in your location using. The navigation card displays local content such as the latest news, new apps, cricket score, live score, and many more in the Lite browser interface.

Fast Download Speed

The mini download speed is the same as the official app download speed. So there is nothing to worry about when it comes to downloading a huge file using the mini UCweb browser.

Fast Browsing

The purpose of UC Mini is to increase positive users experience with a fast browsing speed. The lite version is super fast and doesn’t require additional aid to make it work.

Night Mode

The night mode feature makes it very easy to use at night. There is no need for eyeglasses when browsing with the UC lite with the night more version

Mobile to Desktop

The request a desktop version in UCweb browser for mobile also features. This means that when you load a web page you can easily request for a desktop version through the more option and tap on request a desktop version.

Incognito Mode

This is a feature to remain anonymous without using a VPN. All you need is just click on more and tap incognito to open an anonymous tab so that the moment the tab [s] are closed all caches will be deleted as well.

The features of UC Mini browser go on and on like that. In a nutshell, the UC lite has exactly the same features with the official app.

Download UC Mini Browser

You can download UC Mini APK and you can download the browser directly from your phone apps store. However, for Android users, download the latest version from the play store and for iOS users, download the latest version from the Apple apps store.

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