Delete Instagram DMS: How do I delete a conversation in Instagram Direct?

Delete Instagram DMS

Previous on Instagram you can delete DMS following three steps but it has since changed. Before Instagram updated it database, it’s quiet easy to delete Instagram DMS following the three steps below.

  1. Tap  in the top-right corner of Feed
  2. Swipe left on the conversation you’d like to delete
  3. Tap Delete

But now users can no longer swipe user messages they wanted to delete after sent, however here in this post you will learn how to delete DMS on Instagram in this post.

Instagram DMS means ‘direct messages’.It means messages you sent to your Instagram friends directly without sharing the message on your Instagram page for your followers to like, view and share it. The way you can send direct messages on Instagram on PC, then way can be followed to delete sent DMS.

If by now you don’t know how to send direct messages on Instagram, how to delete Instagram dms will be like a mirage to you. However, if you are reading this post on your computer or on your smartphone you will be able to delete direct messages (dms) on your Instagram account using computer.

The requirement for deleting dms on Instagram is your Instagram login details. It doesn’t matter where you logged in to your Instagram account, either on computer or on laptop and or on iPhone or Android phone you will be able to delete DMS on your Instagram with just a simple click.

The way you can delete dms on Instagram you can also use Instagram feature to unleash Instagram hidden message. It’s easy to identify easy messages though but you may not know if you don’t take note of the hidden message check on your account.

Business Insider covered the step-by-step procedure to check and read hidden messages on your Instagram account and you can go ahead to read more about it if you ever think some sent your messages on your Instagram account and you couldn’t find it easily, even while the person keep nagging that he or she forwarded a message to your Instagram.

However, in this post we’d highlight how to delete Instagram dms on computer/online/PC once you login to your Instagram page.

How to Delete Instagram DMS Online

Following the procedure below you will be able to delete direct messages on your Instagram account or page. Before we dive into this procedure you may want to learn more on how to send direct messages on Instagram account and how to login Instagram account using Facebook login details without creating a new Instagram account.

1. Open a new tab on your browser and login to your Instagram account with your Instagram details

2. Click on the name of Instagram user you want to delete conversation from his or her account

Delete Instagram DMS

3. Press and hold the message you want to delete DMS from and click on unsend message. This will delete the message from your Instagram inbox and also delete it from the receivers account even after they have read and take receipt for the message that you have successfully sent the message.

As simple as that you have successfully deleted Instagram DMS on your Instagram account without bothering yourself on previous messages you sent to your friends on Instagram. If you enjoy reading this epistle on how to delete Instagram DMS kindly share it with your friends and family on social media.

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  1. My Delete message on DMS is not working
    Is still in bold as if it hasn’t been read and when I click on delete it doesn’t disappear
    I try to off load in setting and download a new instagram app but it’s still there
    Do I have a virus on the app?

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