How to fix Chromecast Remote Not Working

You should expect one day that your Chromecast remote will stop working and it shouldn’t catch you up unaware. So, if you are here to fix Chromecast remote not working this article will guide you through.

Chromecast is handy and it makes sharing your phone screen with any other devices smooths and itch-free. However, without the Chromecast remote you can hardly do anything with your Chromecast.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the remote is always in good condition. So, here we will see to all the steps to take to fix your Chromecast remote not working. fix Chromecast Remote Not Working

Why is my Chromecast Remote Light on and not Working?

Several factors could be responsible for your Chromecast remote malfunction. To know where to tackle this; you must first identify the issue at hand before you begin to search for a solution. 

With that in mind, you would know the reason your Chromecast remote light is on but the remote is not working.

  • The batteries are low and may need replacement.
  • The Mic is on or trying to apply the firmware.
  • Connection Issues.
  • System error.
  • Signal error.
  • Remote buttons are not working
  • Error in the configuration process.

fix Chromecast Remote Not Working

How to Fix Chromecast Remote Not Working

After knowing some of the reasons why your Chromecast remote is not working, the next thing to do is to look for solutions that can fix these problems.

Some users found that the solution to the issue involved deleting the remote from the Chromecast using external controls (such as a smartphone or third-party remote), rebooting the device, factory resetting the remote, and repairing it with the gadget. Follow the steps below:

Restart your Google TV

Your Google TV might need to be restarted as one of the solutions. Follow the steps below to restart your Google TV:

  • Press and hold the Power button on the Chromecast remote control until the TV shuts off and the message “power off” appears to reset the Google TV.
  • Restart the TV once you have waited a moment.
  • Alternatively, you can disconnect the cord, wait for about 30 seconds, then replug it to restart your device.

fix Chromecast Remote Not WorkingThat’s it! We hope that all of your problems are now resolved so that you may once again use the Google TV control effectively. You will also see a LED light that indicates the status of your remote control below the input and power buttons. Check if this fixes to the Chromecast remote not working issues, works.

Reset your Device

Another solution to this issue might be to reset the TV and remote controls. However, if you perform a factory reset, you will probably need to pair the remote all over again.

  • Reset the Chromecast remote first to check if the issue is resolved; if not, you might need to reset the TV.

That’s it!

Change Remote batteries to new ones

Simply take the batteries out of the Chromecast remote and carefully reinstall them; perhaps it was drained and unplugged.

  • Replace the AAA batteries with new ones to test the device’s functionality.
  • When the batteries are dead, another problem with them may arise.

Batteries can run out of power at times. To find out if this is the case, you can check the batteries in any nearby battery-operated gadget. You might need to buy new batteries for your Chromecast remote if they turn out to be dead. fix Chromecast Remote Not Working

Check your remote button properly

Your remote buttons may be faulty. It could be a result of water or accumulated dust infestation. Ensure you check them properly and be sure that they are not the culprit. 

Set Up Buttons

You might need to pair the remote again to test if it works or not because there might be a problem with your volume control, power button, input button, or source button.

Even if the remote is connected, it is entirely conceivable that some of the buttons are not paired which may be the root of the problem. Here’s how to set up buttons:

  • Click the Avatar icon in the top-right corner of the Home Screen.
  • Go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Go to Remote Accessories in Settings by scrolling down.
  • Choose your device by clicking on Set Up Remote Buttons, then hit the Setup buttons.

That’s it! Do we hope this step fixes the Chromecast remote not working problems? If not, you can try the next solution.fix Chromecast remote not working

Pair up your Chromecast Remote again

Try pairing it again with the TV if your Google Chromecast remote isn’t working, especially if the volume control is not working. Removing the device from the settings and pairing it again will accomplish this.

Follow the steps below to pair your remote once again:

  • Install the Google TV Remote app on your device after downloading it.
  • Remove your remote from Google TV settings on your smartphone.
  • Check to see if the remote resumes functioning normally by pairing the remote with your Chromecast once more.

That’s it! This should fix Chromecast remote not working issue.fix Chromecast remote not working

Soft Reset Chromecast Remote

To perform a soft reset of your Chromecast remote, follow the steps below:

  • Slide off the back cover of your Chromecast remote and take out the batteries.
  • On your Chromecast remote, find the power button, and hold it down for 15 seconds. You can release the power button after 15 seconds.
  • For 60 seconds, repeatedly press and release each button on the remote control. Keep pressing every button!

Your Chromecast remote should work again after a soft reset. The remote should be completely depleted of all extra power for it to fully reset.

  • Place the remote’s batteries back and check to see whether it works now.
  • Repeat steps 1 to 4 again if it doesn’t.

We recommend repeating this step at least three times before giving up. You’d be astonished at how many users were able to use this same procedure to get their Chromecast remote functional again. 


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