AirDrop Not Working on Mac or Does it? Solution Provided!!!

AirDrop not working on Mac

Airdrop not working on Mac OS. AirDrop is the easiest way to send photos and movies from your iPhone to other iPhone, from iPhone to Mac, from Mac to other Mac computer. Most especially, AirDrop is the fastest way to send a screenshot from iPhone to Mac and it’s very easy to use.

Strange enough AirDrop is now removed from MacOS Duck without a premonition of when to have it back. With this, the AirDrop on Mac OS stopped working and it required another means to add it to the duck and use it to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone, from iPhone to Mac, etc.

After a long search, I have finally found a solution to the AirDrop not working on Mac which even works better than when it was added to the MacOS Duck.

AirDrop Not Working on Mac Solution

Here in this solution, I’d use AirDrop drag and drop feature via the settings to add AirDrop to the duck for easy access and for sharing files between your iOS devices.

1. Open “‘Finder” and hover your mouse pointer to “GO” and select “Go to Finder”

AirDrop not working on Mac

2. Copy and paste /System/Library/CoreServices/ and click Go.

AirDrop not working on Mac

3. Locate the AirDrop icon and drag and drop it to your Mac Duck

AirDrop not working on Mac

Here we go! Now, you had an easy and amazing way to access AirDrop on your Mac for easy file transfer. Meanwhile, if AirDrop not working on Mac persist, the best way to add AirDrop to your Mac in a lighter mode is using Spotlight, ask Siri or open Finder and locate AirDrop in the left panel to add to your Mac Duck.

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