TouchWiz S Launcher Reviews & Download

Sometimes, I don’t know which launcher is good for me to download may be because I have a taste of things I use. I have used Holo launcher, Next launcher, Halo launcher with free VPN, launcher 8, HD launcher 3D, and now I’m settling for S launcher for yet another reason.

For Android phones, there are tons of launchers to choose from but for devices like iPhone, you may need iPhone launcher and for Samsung, you may try the S8 launcher. For the few launchers I have used, Halo launcher stands awe among them all.

Truly, next launcher rock with tons of themes and wallpaper to download. Of all the list of launchers, Next launcher is one of the most celebrated ones. However, no having VPN service made me installed the Halo launcher.

Other than the S launcher app for Android phone I have on my smartphone, I’m as well test running Holo launcher to know whether it worth sitting with launchers like S, Halo, Next, Google launcher, iPhone launcher, and other popular launchers.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 launcher works with other Android phones. In fact, I currently use this Samsung S8 launcher on my Infinix Android phone. Not only that, I also download this launcher and installed it on my Windows phone.

TouchWiz S Launcher Reviews & Download

TouchWiz S Launcher Reviews & Download

The most interesting part of this launcher is that it doesn’t require a special knowledge to configure. The basic understanding of other launchers like next, halo, holo, Google, iPhone and 360 launchers is enough for you to configure S launcher to suits your need.

Apart from the default themes and wallpapers you can download your own theme and use it alongside the most used S launcher app.

S launcher has featured on so many top websites are one of the top 10 launchers for smartphone users. And it also gained users attention in the area of using a different wallpaper for a different option on your phone like setting a different theme for homepage and lock screen.

The TouchWiz S launcher for Samsung Galaxy S8 also works with Galaxy S6. And for Android phones, your device must be running at least KitKat [Android 4.0] and above.

I’m currently running the TouchWiz launcher on Android Marshmallow [Android 6.0] and Android Nougat [Android 7 or Android N]. I’m planning to use it on Android Oero very soon and I hope it will work perfectly since it works on Galaxy S6.

From analysis and experience, S launcher is recommended for users who love their apps to be on a single page, such as for the infinite roll feature. Also, it makes the lock and unlocks your phone desktop easily achievable.

Personally, I love to have a concise copy of my phone apps and that is what S8 launcher TouchWiz does for. With S8 launcher TouchWiz, I can have up to 16 apps in a single folder which means that I will have less but neatly arranged apps on my phone.

With S launcher hide feature you can render your phone app-less. I mean playing around with the hide feature of the app you will be able to hide your phone drawer created with TouchWiz S8 launcher. For personal experience with S8 launcher check out Google play store.

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