How to Disable TouchWiz Samsung Launcher

TouchWiz Samsung launcher was purportedly designed for Samsung alone just like other Android phones has Magazine lock screen which you cannot find in Samsung mobile.

So, what is special about this Samsung Launcher that makes it complex to disable? If you own a Samsung mobile you will understand what I mean by not being able to disable TouchWiz launcher for Samsung.

This TouchWiz gives you Samsung mobile the beauty you can spot in any other smartphone though, but, some Samsung fans don’t see this as a must use on their Samsung mobile.

Since this Vanilla Android modifies Samsung interface and overrides users predefined screen setup, the TouchWiz has fallen short Samsung users interest.

However, the mission to disable TouchWiz launcher on Samsung and set another preferred launcher has hunted a lot of TouchWiz launcher’s hater to find a means to disable this launcher.

Disable TouchWiz Samsung Launcher

Basically, if this launcher skin is interfering with your phone screen setup and would love to remove it [of which is not possible], but can disable it, here is a guide to do so.

In this guide, we consider both the basic which is the easiest and the complex, which we called advanced method to disable TouchWiz launcher on Samsung.

Reset your Samsung Phone

This approach will not disable TouchWiz launcher totally, rather, it will reduce it works to the minimal level and gives you total control over the launcher.

However, do not undermine the power of phone reset as this will erase your phone internal storage completely. However, and in other not to suffer a loss of data on your phone.

You can also check out these top apps to back up phone for help.

Use any of the backup apps above to backup your Samsung mobile before you proceed to follow this step to reduce the power of the TouchWiz launcher to the basic.

Reset Samsung Mobile

After you have backup your Samsung Galaxy to an external device, follow these procedures to reduce the activeness of the TouchWiz launcher.

Samsung Launcher TouchWiz

  • Go to your Samsung mobile Settings
  • Go to about phone and click on Back-up & reset
  • Click on factory data reset
  • Click Erase everything
  • Confirm the popup

At this point, your Samsung will reboot. However, if the Samsung device during booting as you to update Samsung sign up for Samsung account just declined both.

This approach will lessen the activeness of the TouchWiz launcher and reduce how it takes over your phone screen.

Stop Samsung S Planner app

Next, you need to disable the Samsung S planner app on your phone. You will notice that it’s one of the few apps that keeps bothering you alongside TouchWiz.

We, however, found out that most pre-installed Samsung apps are really intruding. As a result, we are taking a step to disable Samsung S planner app.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click apps or applications
  • Tap on Application manager
  • Find S Planner and click on it
  • Click on Force Stop it
  • Tap on Disable
  • Click storage icon
  • Click on clear the data and cache.

Now, you are done. Both the launcher and the S planner should be useless on your device now and you can take the total control of your Samsung mobile interface.

Install and use 3rd Party Launcher

Google launcher

The TouchWiz launcher on Samsung mobile is a default launcher. It is the only pre-installed launcher.

This implies that you either silent it or change it by replacing it with another launcher that will give you options to choose another launcher over the default launcher.

Another limitation you will likely encounter here is the type of launcher to choose from. Whether to get a paid launcher or get a free launcher. You can even choose to go with the iPhone launchers on your Samsung.

Apart from these iPhone launchers, you can try Nova Launcher, Holo Launcher, Apex Launcher, Hola launcher, and even the Google launcher.

However, I will recommend you go with the Google launcher as it’s completely free.

Now, if you have downloaded the launcher from the play store, how do you change TouchWiz launcher to another in Samsung device?

Change Samsung Launcher

To do this, you need to have at least one launcher that is not the default Launcher on your Samsung phone. If you don’t have any yet, go to the Google play store and type “Launcher”, check the one with the most positive review and download.

Now, after download, install the Launcher to have an option to select from when you want to replace TouchWiz launcher on your Galaxy.

Press the home button on your Samsung Galaxy phone and select the new launcher from the popup. Now, select “Always” so that you will never have to repeat this again whenever you restart your Samsung phone.

With the new launcher set to replace S launcher and S planner forced to stop you should have a cleaner interface compared to when the S launcher is still your default launcher.

Change Samsung Theme

Samsung Launcher TouchWiz

Sorry to those Samsung fans that are still using any of the old Samsung models out there. We don’t condemn them though, but, this approach might not work to be able to disable TouchWiz S launcher on their device.

This is, however, peculiar to all new mobiles. There is an avenue to download a new and clean theme to replace the default them.

With this feature on devices like Samsung 8, you won’t have to go through a lot of stresses to disable S launcher on your phone and replace it with a better them.

You should be able to find yourself around changing your Galaxy theme to have a clean and beautiful look. However, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Samsung settings
  2. Search for themes and click on it
  3. Check through the entire themes by loading more when you come to the end of the first page until you get the best theme you can use and click on it.
  4. Click on Apply to download and apply the theme

So simple. This will take a little while to complete and might return your phone directly to the home screen. But, you will see a beautiful other than the cluster TouchWiz launcher on your Samsung mobile.

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