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Hola Launcher + Free VPN Download

When it comes to launchers, I have limited edition I have passions for. You can Next Launcher, Apus, Holo, Launcher3, and others. But when it comes to choosing a launcher to unblock a website, I can only recommend Hola launcher for that.

I have read a lot of reviews about launchers online. Some of those that are mentioned above are part of the top 10 launchers you can think about to add a befitting background to your smartphone, a personalized keyboard functioning with Grammarly.

However, if you want to see beyond your nose and have everything in a single app such as having an app that can serve as a launcher for your Android and iOS phone and at the same time as a VPN to mask your location IP to another location, then you must be talking about Hola free VPN launcher.

Most popular launcher doesn’t have these feature when you download them. Though you can have a beautiful background with an amazing and customized phone keyboard app, you may never have the free VPN service Hola launcher has, as an additional feature.

There are other popular VPN for Chrome browsers [Mobile & PC] such as SetUpVPN, DotVPN, ZenMate VPN, Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy, and Google VPN for hiding your online privacy.

While all the mentioned VPN are perfect for your PC or computer, you can say less of a launcher with VPN “Hola Launcher”.

Hola Launcher + Free VPN

Why Hola Launcher App?

We all have our differences. We as well see things differently. But, there is a measure taken to know whether a tool worth mentioning or not. With Hola app, you do not only stand the chance to enjoy launcher is it mean feature rather you also stand the chance to enjoy Hola free VPN.

The most interesting thing you want about Hola is the browser free VPN support. Recently we talked about how to unblock a website using the Epic browser for PC. You will see that Epic VPN is only for PC. The mobile browser has no VPN feature. However, Hola free VPN extends to FireFox browser, Opera Browser, Chrome etc. The Add-ons are everywhere. It supports both PC and mobile [Android].

We also found that Hola theme is just too amazing. There is a lot of creative artwork in the launcher wallpaper. Not only that, you don’t need a rock scientist knowledge to customize Hola free VPN and launcher.

If you have had about CM launcher 3D and Galaxy launcher, you will conclude that Hola is simple and fast launcher app for Android phone.

Tracking location on Hola is another fantastic feature I personally enjoy to use. Don’t forget you can use the hola free VPN to hide your location and you can also use another feature on hola VPN to track a location.

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