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Best 15 Backup Apps for Android Phones

Backup app is an app to backup phone and storage files automatically or manually on an external server for a safety purpose. With backup apps on your phone you have the assurance that all your files and information are in a safe hand and there won’t be a reason to think about losing your data.

The backup app could be set to do the job automatically and it could be a manual process where you will have to initiate the backup process yourself.

We all know that backup is very important so that we’ll be able to restore our data when we lost our phones or change our phone. For Android phones, their so many backup apps that can backup your phone and restore the backup files.

Some of the backup apps backup phone contacts, apps, movies, documents, and also backup images you have on your phone to an external storage such as MicroSD or to an OTG flash drive for Android phones that support OTG drive.

All these apps are my favorite backup apps, currently, use my phone backup app feature due to heavy load on my phone and, I backup my phones often.

However, if you are few of those that are concerns on the best backup and restore apps for Android phones, here we have come to answer your question by providing the best backup and restore apps for Android phone.

Backup app for Android Phones

Backup App for Android Phones

We all know it’s nearly impossible to answer the question of these best backup apps for Android devices based on individual feelings or experiences. However, the list of backup and restore apps that we are going to share with you are the least of top rated backup apps found in Google play store. Also, we will not mention any of the back-ups and restore APK apps for Android.

1. Google Drive App

Google drive app is far the best backup app to backup phone contacts, movies, documents, WhatsApp backup, and other information directly to Google drive database with the help of Gmail account. The Google drive is not only a mobile backup app, it works for Windows as well as Mac OS when permission to access your file is granted.

The free backup service has over 20GB worth of storage space to backup your phone and restores it when it’s most needed. With Google Drive, there is no reason why you need to be panic of loss of data.

Google drive makes backing up of phone contact to Gmail very easy and stressfree. Depending on your settings, Google drive can backup your phone automatically. If you don’t know where to start choosing the best backup and restore app for your smartphone you should consider starting with Google drive.

2. Helium

Helium backup app offers different ways to backup Android phones without a root access. Helium is different from other apps that require root access to backup and restore backup files without root access. With the Helium app, you can backup your Android phone to your phone MicroSD, OTG, PC, and into the cloud.

Helium comes in a free and premium version with different benefits. With Helium free access you enjoy limited service compared to Helium premium. However, if for the only backup and restore of files on an Android phone you can enjoy Helium free without the itch. However, options like automatic backup on Helium is restricted to premium access alone.

With Helium premium version, you can backup files between phones, backup files to Google Drive, Box, and DropBox. This means that you have to back up your files manually if you are using a free version of the app.

3. Titanium Backup

Titanium backup is yet another ultimate backup app for an Android phone you can’t neglect if you can’t do without rooting your phone. Titanium backup strictly requires root access to backup your phone.

Unlike some backup apps, we have used in the past that you have to close opened apps before you can backup your phone apps, gallery photos, music, and other information. With Titanium backup app, the only thing you need to do to back up your phone is simply rooted your phone. However, the root access is compulsory otherwise you will not be able to use the ultimate app to backup your phone.

Titanium backup app has a free and premium version. With free titanium version, you can only do some basic backup of backup phone apps, restricted apps, and external information to your MicroSD while Titanium premium offers something better. With Titanium backup premium version you can backup text messages, MMS, calls logs, bookmarks, Wi-Fi AP in .xml format.

4. App Backup & Restore

App backup & restore Android app does exactly as the name sounds. The ultimate goal of the app is to backup and restore the backup on your phone when needed. The app makes it easy to backup your phone to your phone MicroSD and restores it when you need it.

App backup & restore is a multi-dimension app. Aside from backing up your phone data, it also helps to sort your apps by name, app size, and date of app installation. While the basic assignment is to backup and restores data on Android phone from MicroSD, it also has a feature to help search for apps in the Google market and send the search result via email.

5. Ultimate Backup

Ultimate backup app for Android is more or less a management tool alongside a backup feature. You enjoy the best of this app when your device has a root access. This not to tell you that a device without root access cannot use ultimate backup app to backup and restore data on Android phones though, but with a root access, the ultimate app helps to create a Nandroid backup for your phone which you cannot enjoy if you are using the app without a root access.

Other usages of the backup app include the ability to help freeze apps on your phone to reduce the rate of your device slowness, uninstall unwanted app directly from within the app, tweak your phone UI is granted, and also help to grant permissions for different apps on your phone.

If you are looking for a multi-task Android phone with these features you should consider the ultimate backup app. This will not only help your device to run faster but it will also help to reduce the total number of apps you have to install.

6. Super Backup

This is simple but one of the best backup apps I have used whenever I think I might be busy in the next few weeks. Super simply help me to save a copy of my phone data automatically and based on schedules.

The only reason you may not want to use a super backup app may be because you don’t like to root your Android phone. But trust me, iOS users enjoy jailbreaking their phones so why shouldn’t use root your Android phone? You enjoy the best of your Android phone when you grant a root access.

The only major problem you will likely have with super backup shouldn’t be more than root access. With root access on your phone and with the super backup app, you can save your phone data to your phone MicroSD, computer, and even send it to your Gmail or Google Drive.

In addition to all these features, you can use the same app used to back up your phone to restore the backup files. With the super backup app, you need not worry about your phone data if it’s scheduled to be backed up automatically and on a regular basis.

7. SMS Backup +

SMS Backup + app is a very simple app and easy to use an app for beginners. When you value your SMS, MMS, and call log very much kindly install the popular backup app “SMS Backup App” on your phone and leave the rest to the app to handle it for you.

SMS backup Android app backup your Android phone SMS, MMS, and call logs and save it directly to your Gmail account. That is why it’s very important to have your Gmail linked to your Android phone.

The SMS backup app creates a separate folder in your Gmail account containing all your SMS, MMS, and call log with an option to be able to restore the backup folder when you need it.

The only precautional measure to use this app is that it must be downloaded and installed on your phone internal storage and not on external storage. You definitely do not need root access to use SMS backup app.

8. Mobile Backup & Restore

Yes, the name of this app is a mobile backup & restore for an Android phone. The app will probably be the simple type of backup app you will like to use on your Android phone with a simple interface and practically backup Android phones apps, call logs, messages, contacts and other documents on your phone directly to your smartphone MicroSD.

The avast backup app requires every user to have a valid personal avast account and a Google Drive account in case you need to backup your Android phone to the cloud. Another feature of the mobile backup & restore app is to schedule backup time on your phone.

With the mobile backup and restore app, you do not need to manually backup your smartphone always, once you register for an Avast account and linked your Google Drive account, you can simply schedule a time to back up your phone on the app and it’ll carry out the pre-set backup time when it’s time.

9. ROM Manager

You probably expect ROM manager to backup your phone apps, SMS, videos, and other documents to either a MicroSD or backup your device online. Well, the ROM manager backup app does more than that and it’s simply a fantastic job. What the backup app does is to clone your entire phone without leaving a single file on it.

The ROM manager backup is called “ Nandroid backups”which is different from normal mobile backup but a clone of your phone to your phone MicroSD as well as to online platform so you can restore the exact phone settings, configuration, and other things you have taken your time to set up on your phone and restore it to another phone.

10. G Cloud Backup

G cloud backup is a cloud backup app just as the name reads. The G cloud app is created to backup all phone files into the cloud at no cost.

While thinking how to backup Android phone online, G cloud backup makes it easy and provide access to backup your phone photos, music, videos, apps, call logs, text, and other valuable files on your device online.

The backup app also provides a free 1G storage space online for free. For a premium account, you get what worth your money to back up your phone in the cloud.

11. Super Backup & Restore

Super backup & restore is another genuine app to backup your Android phone information and restores it when you need it the most. Other than the fact that you can schedule your Android phone backup at a particular time, you also have a different storage option to back up your phone to.

With the free super backup & restore app for an Android phone you can back up your Android phone to an internal storage, MicroSD, backup your Android phone to PC, backup your Android phone to the cloud, and Google Drive.

The backup app works on both root and unrooted device. The annoying or the app set back is the in-ads found in the app when you are connected to the internet to back up your Android phone online. However, the only way to remove the ads is to pay for a premium service. But with the app free functionality, you shouldn’t be disturbed much by the ads.

12. truBackup

truBackup is one of the best backup apps for an Android phone to backup contacts, SMS logs, media files, and app APKs online and offline. The truBackup app allows their users to back up their phone information to Google Drive on Android phone directly as well as having a copy on the phone storage facility is another feature.

The truBackup app also features an automatic way of backing up Android phones at a particular time. If you detest the truBackup manual process you can decide to use a backup schedule feature on the app and backup your phone with the app initiated it when the time set reached.

You can also view your phone backup whether it has successfully backup or there is an error backing up your phone in “My Device” section of the app.

13. SyncDroid

The SyncDroid mobile backup app requires a pair of apps to work on your Android phone. The app requires a mobile backup app and a computer backup program. The beauty of the backup app is that your phone can be back up over wire or Wi-Fi depending on your choice. However, the backup app is useful for phones with heaving fills and will like to move them to their computer.

To use the SyncDroid backup, download mobile and computer file and install both files on your respective device and sync the two devices together using cable or using Wi-Fi connect to start backing up your smartphone.

Also, it is a good app to restore backup data to the same phone or other phones you use. The easiest way to restore backup files on your Android phone is to backup your phone apps, settings, call logs, messengers, and text into the cloud and restore backup without transfer of files over the air or using Bluetooth. You can also restore backup without using the cloud to the same phone.

14. Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo works just like the SyncDroid backup app mentioned above. The MobileGo also require a pair of apps to work. The mobile app does other jobs different from backing up your Android phone unlike other backup apps listed above. The mobile app helps to clear your phone cache and clean your phone from junkies. However, the MobileGo computer program handles the phone back up and restore using a cable.

Once you have successfully connected your phone to your computer via cable or Wi-Fi, launch the MobileGo and let it recognize your phone after which you will begin with the apps, app data, contacts, SMS, calendars, call logs, music, video, and photos back up to your computer storage.

15. Easy Backup & Restore

The last but not the least of the best and free backup apps for Android phones is “Easy Backup & Restore ” app. The backup app offer back up features for a rooted device and unrooted Android phone, so there is no need to be panicked when your Android phone is not rooted or when you have already rooted your Android phone in the first place.

The easy backup and restore app back up the major section on your phone which includes contacts, call logs and messages, and APKs on your Android phone. All your phone backup can be back up to your phone storage device as well as backup up directly to the cloud but the major advantage of the app is to target Android phones rooted user as they will be able to backup app and phone settings and do a batch restoration.

Another general feature of the app for both users is the ability to schedule backup on your Android phone to automatically backup your phone at an appointed time.

Finally, we all know that the internet is big enough to search for anything and the advanced level of technology has made it easy to achieve the result without much work. With this best free backup apps you should be able to back up your Android phone and restore your backup at will.

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