How to use Face Swap with Snapchat

While it seems complicated to use face swap lens on Snapchat, getting swap faces is surprisingly comfortable. So grab your cell phone and a friend’s face and get ready for a change!

Face swap on Snapchat is pretty straightforward. All you need is the Snapchat app for iOS or the Snapchat app for Android and some faces.

Snapchat’s Face Swap feature, which allows users to exchange faces with someone (or something) in real-time, is so popular (and annoying) that it has become a meme. With a new update introduced in both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, the functionality is extended to an entirely new level so that users can exchange faces with images stored on the camera roll of their phone.

The new camera roll swap feature is in the lens row, which you can access by touching and holding your face in selfie mode. (You can also access it with your phone’s rear camera. Just point it at someone else’s face.) After downloading the update (version, the new version of The Movie will appear on this line as a separate option next to the Original face-swap lens displayed.

Face Swap with Snapchat

How to use Face Swap with Snapchat

  • Start Snapchat from your home screen.
  • Make sure the front camera is turned on.
  • Find a potential victim of a face swap.

How to use Face Swap with Snapchat

  • Launch Snapchat, press the camera key to switch to the front camera, and find the face swap victim.
  • Touch and hold your face for a second – a white grid should appear on your face, and lens options will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Swipe left, continue to do so, till you find the face swap option.
  • Put their faces in position; it may take a few tries!

How to use Face Swap with Snapchat

  • Touch and hold your face, do so till a grid shows up. Swipe left until you tap the facial lens option. Place both faces in the circles.

Now you can exchange faces with everyone you see! However, don’t limit yourself to your friends and family. Exchange faces with posters, your pets, album covers, magazines, dolls, old photos, comics, TVs, posters, etc. Face swapping can also have practical uses. Try the face change if you’re curious about certain makeup looks and don’t have the patience, skills, or time to do it yourself!

How to Save a Swap

You can capture the Snapchat faces by pressing the shutter button (the circular button in the lower center of the screen). If you hold down the button, you can record a video.

Once you’ve saved your Snapchat faces, you can have even more fun with them. Use the pencil, sticker, or text buttons to add text, stickers, or text to your image. Share the picture by tapping Send and selecting the friends you want to send it to. If you tap Add to my story, you can share the plugin for 24 hours. You can also touch Download to save the image to your device.

How to deal with your camera roll

No one to exchange faces with? There is no problem! You can use this function with the images stored on your device, although the steps differ slightly.

After launching Snapchat and mapping your face, slide your finger and select the purple swap lens effect that shows a camera and smiley face. Tap Allow or OK when prompted to say that Snapchat needs access to your camera for the photos you saved.

Snapchat scans your camera roll for faces and shows you the options found. Drag the pictures and touch the desired picture. Snapchat then changes your face to that of the photo.

As with a face swap for two, you can save, edit, share or save the swap for the next time you need a pleasant smile.

Having a problem? Get an Up to Date App

Make sure you have the latest Snapchat updates installed.

Go to Google Play on an Android device and select the My apps and games option in the ☰ menu. If Snapchat appears in the Updates section, tap Update.

Go to the App Store on iOS and tap the Updates tab. If Snapchat appears in the Updates section, tap Update.


  • Open Snapchat and make sure it’s in selfie mode. Hold your face (not the shutter button) until you see the white network card. This activates the lenses.
  • Slide your finger over the glasses until you find the face-swap lens effect, a yellow icon with two smileys.
  • Two smiling faces should now appear on the screen. Move closer to the person (or animal or inanimate object that has a face, such as a statue, doll, or painting) with whom you want to swap faces.
  • Move around and/or your device until you have aligned both faces with the screen’s smileys. Faces turn yellow when your looks are correctly aligned.
  • If you’re having trouble blocking Snapchat faces, look straight into the camera and take off your glasses when you’re wearing them.
  • Once your faces are adequately aligned, Snapchat will automatically swap faces. Every expression or movement you make is on the other side. If you smile, laugh, speak, or stick your tongue out, it will appear on the simulated face.

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