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How to Download Facebook Account

Facebook is probably undergoing its hardest time now, elite people are deleting their account, appealing to others to also delete their account due to the Facebook platform bridging users agreement no to share their information with third-party, which they did according to “the Guardian” but Facebook co-founder Mark, Zuckerberg debunk the information and gave some reasons why it happens. However, if you don’t want to be like Elon Musk who deleted his Facebook account and Tesla fan page due to this Facebook misconduct without downloading his Facebook account, here is how to download Facebook account details.

Meanwhile, before you decided to delete your Facebook account endeavor to back up your Facebook chat, photos, status, and comment. Also, it’s of greater benefits to deactivate your Facebook account rather than deleting it.

Once you deleted your Facebook account all your information will be deleted from the platform within 14 days. But, if you deactivate the account, it will be active but it’ll not be accessible. All your friends will not see you but you will still have the privilege to log into your account and re-activate it at any time.

However, to download Facebook account data is another way to keep all your Facebook information secure even when you are not interested in deleting your account. You can export all your Facebook information and import it to another Facebook account.

So, before you hit that delete button on your Facebook profile page, backup your Facebook chat and other relevant information first.

How to Download Facebook Account

Here is a simple step to follow to download Facebook account information on mobile or computer [Windows or Mac OS]

1. Log into your Facebook account on mobile or PC

2. Click on the “drop menu” and click on “Settings”

3. In “General Settings” Download a copy of your Facebook data.

Download Facebook Account

4. Click on “Start my archive”

Download Facebook Account

5. Confirm your “Facebook Account” password and click “Submit”

Download Facebook Account

6. Click on “Start my Archive” again

7. Facebook will start archiving your Facebook data which may take some time and forward it to your Facebook account primary email.

Download Facebook Account

Once your Facebook backup is ready, Facebook will forward it directly to your email address in a .zip for which you can then unzip.

That is how easy it is to download Facebook account information in a zip format for future use. Note that this doesn’t delete your data from Facebook, rather it provides a backup for your Facebook account.