How to Fix Samsung Steam Moisture Sensor Dryer not Working

As technology advances our home appliances get way smarter these days unlike before. Gone are the days when you have to manually operate your home appliances. Most home appliances are equipped with features that make them smarter by just pressing the control buttons such are the Samsung Steam Moisture sensor dryer if you have one.

The sensor dryer on Samsung dryers measures the amount of water or humidity level in the drum. The sensor dryer adjusts the drying time to the level of dryness you select in the Samsung dryer.

If your Samsung steam sensor isn’t working perfectly it could mean a problem with the device.

So, if you are experiencing issues with your Samsung steam moisture sensor dryer this could be due to a dirty or clogged moisture sensor. The symptoms of a dirty moisture sensor are your Samsung dryer cycle ending quickly after a few minutes and you will notice that your clothes are not drying.

Here in this article, we would briefly discuss how to solve Samsung steam moisture sensor dryer issues.

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Samsung Steam Moisture Sensor Dryer

If the Samsung steam moisture sensor dryer uses the bars inside the dryer drum to detect moisture and stops the cycle when moisture is no longer detected. The moisture sensor cycle runs as needed to get the clothes dry, and save energy.

If you frequently use dryer sheets, residues can build up on the sensor bars. This may prevent the sensor bars from detecting moisture, as your dryer would think the load is dry and suddenly ends the cycle. The bars may also get dirty, working less effectively.

To effectively clean the sensor bars use a soft cloth and mild soap, then dry it off with a towel or cloth.

Clean Samsung Drum 

If your Samsung dryer drum is powder coated, use an all-purpose cleaner to remove stains from it. Then use some old towels or rags and tumble them through a dry cycle. This will clean the remaining stains on the drum.

If your Samsung dryer model uses a stainless steel drum, use a damp cloth with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner. You can use a dry clean cloth to remove the cleaner residue.

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Samsung steam moisture sensor dryer not drying clothes

Samsung Steam Moisture Sensor Dryer Not Drying Clothes

If your Samsung dryer ends after a few minutes of operating with soaking wet clothes this could be due to a dirty moisture sensor. First, determine if your Samsung dryer produces hot air as this would guide you on the right troubleshooting steps. To resolve this issue we would provide the below guide to follow on the Samsung steam moisture sensor dryer not drying clothes.

Clean Moisture Sensors

The moisture sensors are two metallic curved bars that are located inside the front drum usually in the of the lint filter by the side. During a sensor dry cycle, the moisture sensor stops the cycle when they think your clothes are dry. You should clean the moisture sensors using a soft cloth and a drop of mild soap.

Switch To a Higher Dry Level

Set a higher dry level if you want your clothes to dry when using a Sensor Dry cycle. The higher the dry level the faster your clothes get dry.

Use Damp Alert

The damp alert is also known as a mixed load bell on older Samsung dryer models. Lighter fabrics dry faster than heavier ones when drying mixed loads. Ensure you use a damp alert when drying mixed load.

The sensor dry cycle will stop when the lighter fabrics at the front of the drum brush against the sensor bar even when the heavier fabrics at the back of the drum are still damp.

When you use the damp alert it will signal when the load is about 80 per cent dry. The damp alert indicates that you should remove clothes that are dry and leave the rest, allowing the cycle to continue.

Underloaded Dryer

The minimum load size of the dryer should be about 4 regular-sized bath towels. If you lead your dryer with anything lesser than that in your Samsung dryer there may not be enough load to brush against the sensor bars and your dryer would not be alerted that there are wet clothes still inside the dryer load. To correct this issue soak a few towels and put them to increase the load size to its minimum.

Samsung steam moisture sensor dryer not heating

Samsung Steam Moisture Sensor Dryer Not Heating

If your Samsung steam moisture sensor dryer is not heating could be due to the following reasons:

  • You are probably using the wrong cycle.
  • Tripped off the Circuit breaker.
  • Not enough power supply.
  • Gas supply is not enough
  • Improper gas line connection.
  • Faulty power cord.
  • Blocked or clogged dryer vent.

Trouble troubleshooting steps to fix these issues include:

Check Dryer Cycle

Ensure you are using the correct cycle, some settings like Eco Dry will begin its cycle operation without heat. Therefore ensure you select the right dryer cycle.

Check Power Supply

The electric power supply requires 240 volts power outlet, therefore if the power outlet does not provide enough voltage to the panel then the motor may fail to operate.

Check Power Supply

If you are using gas dryers ensure to check the gas supply connection with the dryer and ensure that they are firmly connected.

Check Power Cord

If you are using an electric dryer check the power cord installation to confirm it is well connected to a wall power outlet.

Clean Exhaust Vent

If the exhaust vent becomes clogged or blocked, this can lead to your Samsung dryer, not heating issues.  A dirty moisture sensor can prevent your dryer from properly heating. Ensure you thoroughly clean the exhaust vent.

Cycle The Circuit Breaker

In case there was a power surge at home, the circuit breaker may Tripp off. Electric dryers have two circuits which are often connected in most homes so they can trip at the same time. It is possible only one of the circuits trip off and when this occurs your dryer will turn on and spin but will not heat.

  • Turn the circuit off.
  • Wait 30 seconds.
  • Turn the circuit breaker back on.

Samsung steam moisture sensor dryer

Samsung Steam Moisture Sensor Dryer Lint Trap

Lint trapped in the filter over time can block the sensor bar, to effectively clean the Samsung dryer lint filters, follow the steps below:

  • Open the outer filter then remove the inner filter.
  • Unfold both the inner filter and outer filter.
  • Remove the lint from both filters, and then clean the filters using a cleaning brush. To thoroughly clean the filters, clean them under running water and dry the filter completely. You can also use a pipe cleaner to clear lint out from the filter compartment. Ensure you do not dry the filter under direct sunlight to prevent damage to the filter. Completely dry the filter under a shade before you reassemble it back.
  • Replace the inner filter with the outer filter, then reinsert the lint filter into its original position.

Why is My Samsung Moisture Sensor Dryer Not Drying?

If your Samsung dryer is heating but your clothes are still wet this can be due to a clogged or blocked exhaust vent. Also if your Samsung dryer is not heating enough or your dryer runs for a long time, it is also due to a blocked or clogged exhaust vent. Lastly, if your Samsung dryer ends after running for a few minutes leaving soaking wet clothes, then the moisture sensors of your dryer could be dirty.

How Do You Reset a Samsung Steam Moisture Sensor On a Dryer?

In case you need to reset your Samsung dryer, follow these steps that are listed below:

  • Unplug your Samsung dryer from the wall power outlet or turn it off from the circuit breaker.
  • Wait between 1 – 5 minutes for the electrical charge to clear out of the  Samsung dryer.
  • Finally, power your dryer back on from the wall power outlet or circuit breaker.

In conclusion, Samsung steam moisture sensor dryer issues are often due to a dirty or clogged moisture sensor.

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