How to Fix Truedepth Camera not Working

Apple Face ID can stop working if a problem is detected with your TrueDepth camera. There is no doubt about it. And this won’t be resolved unless you solve it. Therefore, we will consider how to fix the TrueDepth camera not working in this article if you are using an iPhone or other Apple devices that need Face ID.

For this case, the solution will cover iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14.

TrueDepth camera is the iPhone front-facing camera with a Dot projector in your iPhone and other Apple devices which provide in-depth information about your visual in real-time. The TrueDepth camera is designed with LEDs in such a way that it can project up to 30,000 infrared dots within milliseconds.

So, if this TrueDepth camera isn’t working on your Apple device it’ll be hard for the device to protect the depth of your device camera.

Note: You need to check your Apple Face ID and Passcode in your phone settings to know whether the TrueDepth camera is working or not. If your TrueDepth camera isn’t working you will see a message such as your Apple Face ID isn’t working due to an unknown issue with the TrueDepth camera.TrueDepth camera not working

How to Fix TrueDepth Camera not Working

There are a few steps that you can take to fix your iPhone XR TrueDepth camera. Therefore, the following steps reveal how to fix and restore your iPhone TrueDepth camera if it’s not working.

Put your iPhone in Airplane Mode

The first troubleshooting tip is to put your iPhone in airplane mode and turn off the airplane mode again to see whether your Face ID will start working again.

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The following procedure will walk you through how you can simply enable airplane mode on your iPhone.

  • Swipe down from your Apple iPhone Home screen.
  • Click on the “Settings” gear icon.
  • Tap on “Airplane Mode” to toggle to button to “ON.”

You can also do this in your Apple iPhone control centre.

If you are still seeing a problem was detected with the Truedepth camera please try the next troubleshooting tip.

Setup your Apple Face ID via Airplane Mode

If you are yet to solve the TrueDepth camera, you can attempt to create or set up your Face ID via airplane mode if you have reset it.

  • Go to your Apple iPhone Settings.
  • Choose “Face ID & Passcode.”
  • Select Face ID >> Delete Face.
  • Restart your iPhone and enter the passcode.
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Put your device in “Airplane Mode.”
  • Click on “Face ID.”
  • Set up your new Face ID
  • Turn the phone to Airplane mode.

After this, check whether the TrueDepth camera still shows the problem was detected with the TrueDepth camera.

Uncover your iPhone Camera

Even though this is not something serious or technical, it can stop your iPhone TrueDepth from working. So, when you are facing issues with your TrueDepth that says the TrueDepth camera not working or responding, check whether there is no external device or factor covering the camera spot.

You can a wipe to clean the position and see whether it has been fixed.

Update your Apple iPhone Firmware

If you are running an outdated iOS firmware and there is an update available for your device you might run into several errors that the new update tends to address. This isn’t limited to other the iPhone TrueDepth not working only, it can also make your device slow or make some apps not respond on time.

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and choose “General.”
  • Select “Software Update.”
  • If there is an update available you will see the option. Click on the option to install.
  • Click on “Install Now” to download and install the latest firmware update.

Enter your passcode to complete the download and installation. Once the updating has been completed, your Apple iPhone will restart automatically and you can then check whether the TrueDepth camera is working fine or not.

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Reset your iPhone to the Default Settings

This method should only be tried once there are no other tips available to fix your iPhone TrueDepth camera not working. Doing this will erase your iPhone and restore it to factory settings. All personal configurations will be erased. However, this will only fix the TrueDepth camera problem it will also resolve some issues that have to do with it.

  • Go to your iPhone “Settings
  • Choose “General.”
  • Choose “Reset iPhone
  • Click on “Reset All Settings.”
  • Click on “Confirm” from the pop-up
  • Enter your passcode when prompted.
  • Select “Reset All Settings.”
  • Your phone will start clearing all personal settings.
  • Once the clearing has been completed the phone will restart itself.

Now, check whether the error with your TrueDepth camera still persists.

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