How to Download Play Store App and Install It

Play store is a Google app to download the latest apps and update the existing apps on an Android phone. If you want to download play store APK on your Android here is the guide you need to read.

When you buy a new Android phone, Google pre-installed the play store app on the smartphone since Google owns Android OS. This play store app gives you direct access to download apps directly from the Google apps store.

Without the play store, you cannot download and install apps on Android OS device except downloading APK app such as the Play Store APK for Android.

On the play store platform, you have the privilege to download games, apps, finance apps, and other utilities. Some of the popular 3D games you can download from the play store includes the Dream League Soccer, 3D games that do not need WiFi, FIFAPro, SoccerPro, Pubg, and many more.

You can also pay for the Google play store app when you add a payment method option to your Google play store account.

Here in this guide, we have detailed every step to download play store app for Android to download and update existing apps on your Android device

The Google play store is similar to the Apple iTunes store to download iOS apps and pay for premium apps on the Apple store.

The latest play store to download is  Play Store APK 12.3.19. This is the APK version which induced users to enable install from unknown sources.

You can also download and install play store on PC using an emulator if you love to use mobile apps on your PC. This post will consider how to download play store for PC using Android emulator for PC.

Ways to Download

There are three ways to download the play store app. The whole three approaches will be considered valid in this guide. Out of the three approaches, at least one will appease to you to use.

Whichever approach you choose to install the play store app on your device be assured that you will be able to download and update all apps on your phone.

  1. Check play store current version
  2. Download latest play store release version
  3. Download APK play store app

These approaches will be explained and you will also get to know the step by step procedures to follow to make sure that your play store app is working perfectly.

After the entire process, we’ll also take a look at how to troubleshoot the Google play store to restore it to a working condition.

Check Play Store Current Version

Before you think of downloading the latest Google play store app you first need to check your current version. If you are running the current version, there is no need to download a new version.

Here is how to check your play store app version number.

  • Open the Google play store app on your phone
  • Open settings option
  • Scroll down to find the build number
  • The build number is your play store version

If your build number is 13.9.17 under the about, then it means you are running the current play store app. As at the time of writing this article, the current Google play store app version is v13.9.17.

Download play store app

However, if your version build number is different from this then you need to download the latest version or update to the latest version.

Install Play Store App Using Computer

These procedures depict steps to download and install the Google play store app on an Android phone using your computer. If you have a working computer this is an approach for you.

However, you need a file manager to be able to use this procedure. So, I’d assume you already have a file manager like File Explorer installed on your phone.

1. Download and install the latest FX File manager on your Android smartphone. Allow the file manager to install from unknown sources.

2. Download play store APK from APKmirror or APKhere or Uptodown and make sure you download the current version.

3. Now, connect your phone to your computer using a working USB and transfer the play store APK file downloaded from the step s above.

4. Launch the File manager and go to the folder where you copy and paste the play store APK file and click on it.

5. A pop-up will appear just access the permission to install from unknown sources.

Now, the play store app will be installed on your phone successfully. This approach to the play store download works when you are connected to a WiFi on your PC.

Download Play Store APK V13.9.17

These approaches help you to download play store APK v13.9.17 on your phone. After this, we’d take a look at how to troubleshoot the play store app if the app isn’t working perfectly OK.

1. Go to your phone settings and click on security. Tap on the unknown option and press OK from the pop-up to permits your Andriod smartphone to install from a source different from the Google play store.

2. Click on the link below this post to download play store v13.9.17 APK to your phone.

Download play store APK app

3. Swipe down the notification tray and click on the APK file downloaded and tap on the install to the bottom right and wait until the app finishes installing on your phone.

Once this play store APK app is successfully installed. Launch the app, click on the more option and go to settings. After that, click on the build number to verify your play store version.

Download link for Google Play Store 12.3.19 APK.

Troubleshoot Google Play Store App

Here is a quick approach to troubleshooting the Google play store app on your smartphone without uninstalling the app.

  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Scroll down and click on Google Play Store
  • Tap on Clear cache.
  • Open the Google Play services
  • Tap on clear caches
  • Done

These simple steps fix the Google play store app error. If you are still experiencing difficulties kindly leave a message below.

Update Google Play Store Service to v16.0.87 Beta

Google play service v16.0.87 beta version is available for download to keep the service smooth and working fine.

The latest update fixes bugs and helps to improve the overall performance of the Google play including downloading Google play store app, updating Google play store app, Google play store payment, and other services connected to the Google play store.

The new v16.0.87 ensures that the Google play app and services stopped crashing due to bugs or updating error.

The Google play service is supposed to update automatically if you are not using the APK version. However, if you are using the Google play service APK you need to upgrade to the newer version v16.0.87.

To update to the latest version launch the Google play service APK on your phone and go to the app about. Check the latest version. If you are running older app version tap upgrade to upgrade to the latest version.

You can just check APKpure or APKhere or even Uptodown to download the latest Google service app.

Using these Google play store alternatives you will be able to upgrade both APK apps and the play store apps directly.

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