How to Download and Install APKhere APK Downloader on Android

APKhere APK is an app store alternative to the Google play store to download and install Mod apps, games, and utility that are not allowed in the Google play store due to policy violation.

The APKhere app makes it easy to search and download APK apps on Android smartphones without going through the official website at

APK Downloader

APK downloader sites make it possible to download paid apps, cracked games, modified apps and games on Android without going to the Google play store.

The APK downloaders probably makes downloading apps from the Google play store less important. Not even now that Huawei users are finding it difficult to download and update apps from the Google play store.

Thanks to VMOS that let Huawei Mate 30 Pro download and install Android apps.

APKhere App Limitation

All we’d have to stick to is play store verified apps. This will amount to paying for premium apps and games like Spotify and Minecraft.

The Google play store protect doesn’t extend the service app verfiy service to apps outside the Google play store. This simply means that you have to rely on APKhere app certification to know which apps in verified on the APK Downloader store.

How APKhere App Works

With the APKhere APK app installed on your Android device, you’d only need to search for APK apps and games, both paid and free.

Within the app, you can search and install the app directly without downloading on your Android phone. It’s one of the quickest ways to download and install apps and games from APKhere.

APKhere Alternative to Google Play Store

APKhere is an alternative to Google play store to download and install only APK apps and install it on Android device. It’s not all apps and games that can be downloaded from play store, most especially if those apps fail to play by the Google play store terms and condition.

These apps and games are converted into an APK app or game and they are available for download on APK site.

Unlike Google play store where you will be asked to log into your Gmail account to download or install or update apps.

The APKhere APK app doesn’t request all those. Once the APK downloader is installed on your device you can begin to search for an APK file to download and install instantly.


APKhere APK vs Google Play Store

The two apps download site are entirely different from one another. The only correlation between them both is that you can download apps from both sources. However, APKhere is vast compared to play store.

Only verified apps and games can be downloaded from play store while with APKhere, whether the app is accepted into the play store or not, it can be downloaded from APKhere site provided the app passed the virus-free screen by the website.

Also, cracked apps, mod games, and apps are not allowed in play store can be downloaded from APKhere. All apps in APKhere are free and it doesn’t require registration to access.

Unlike play store, it contains paid and free apps. The paid require a premium access inform of charge to use and free could be totally free and can as well require a token to unleash the premium access, and thus, these type of apps or games are called apps in-purchase.

Is APKhere APK App Safe?

Security is an important part when it comes to installing apps and games from unknown sources. However, this is the more reason why Google doesn’t allow direct installation of files on your device that are not downloaded from a source Google do really trust and are confirmed virus-free, which is play store.

However, APKhere APK app doesn’t access sensitive part of your phone and it doesn’t require admin permission on your device before it can be used to search and download APKs from the app.

From our experience with APKhere APK app for Android, the app is safe to use, it doesn’t consume much space, it doesn’t slow down your device, it doesn’t require login access, it doesn’t crave for a specific device spec, and a whole lot more to consider.

Download APKhere APK Android App

APKhere APK app is not available in play store because the app doesn’t meet Google play store terms and condition. And this doesn’t mean the app doesn’t worth it. However, the app is available on all APK download website and other APK downloader apps.

If you rely on another APK downloader to download APK apps and games, all you have to do is launch the APK app downloader and search for “APKhere APK” without quote and install it. However, you can also download APKhere app downloader below.

APKhere APK Previous Versions

The v1.0.2 is the latest version of the APK downloader and is the third release after the first play store version in 2015. And since then, the APK website has released two previous versions which are v1.0 and v1.0.2.

However, you can access the previous version below. It’s important that you download the latest version because it helps fixes some loophole and correctly fix some bugs within.

How to Install APKhere APK App

To avoid error message while installing the APK downloader app it’s important to instruct your Android device to grant the app permission to install from a different source. Note that, if you want to download from play store it doesn’t matter whether you enabled the unknown source feature or not.

First, to enable unknown sources, follow these directions.

Got to phone settings >> Security >> Tap unknown sources >> Accept the warning  >> Enabled.

Install APKhere App

To install the downloaded APK downloader follow this direction.

  • Go to phone menu
  • Tap on file manager or File Explorer if you have one
  • Go to the download directory
  • Click on the APK file
  • Tap install to the bottom right

Wait for a couple of seconds for the app to complete the download. You may choose to clean APK after install you do not need it again. However, and in case you want to transfer the app to a friend consider using Xender APK.

Install Apps Directly with APKhere App Market

You don’t need to go through the stress of visiting to search and download APK apps on your Android when you have the APKhere app for Android installed. However, the APK downloader offers an easy way to search for and install apps and games on Android.

  • Launch APKhere app from your phone menu
  • Type the name of the app or game you want to download in the search box, say Minecraft
  • Click on search
  • Tap install beside the app
  • Wait for the app to install

So simple right? No more stress to download APK app.

Fix APKhere Not Working

It is possible you run into a problem running the app successfully. Most especially for the first time. However, here is a quick fix.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Tap apps or applications manager
  • Search for APKhere
  • Tap on the app
  • Tap on storage
  • Tap on clear caches

After the above procedure restart the app and it’ll start working fine. This procedure works for me when I encountered APKhere not working or not responding whenever I launched it.

APKhere APK app is an app to download mods, cracked, and paid apps for free as an alternative to play store. If there is a game or app that is too costly for you to buy you can download the APK version with the same features. A good example of this is the Spotify Premium APK.

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