How to Purchase Play Store Apps With M-Pesa

Good news for the Kenyans as Google include M-Pesa as a means of payment in play store. The Kenyan tech-savvy finally had a head-way as M-Pesa internet banking is now an additional means of purchasing apps directly from Google play store.

It’s admitted that Google including M-Pesa Xpress as a means to pay for apps on Google store will help most Kenyans to pay for apps directly on play store without using credit or debit cards as they can now do so with M-Pesa Xpress.

While it’s admitted that Kenyans are not the only country that loves to purchase apps from Google play store using their own local internet banking. M Pesa Xpress has taken the Kenyan tech-savvy to be more strong and productive on how the mobile internet banking system, M-Pesa works and how it is very easy to purchase play store apps with M-Pesa.

However, for our Kenyan readers, here we’ll take a complete look at how to easily buy apps from Google play store instead of using Google payment platform or credit/debit card.


How to Sep M-Pesa as Payment Option

If you already have a default payment method for purchasing apps and music from play store different from M-Pesa you must re-set it and select M-Pesa as a payment option before you can use the new payment method to purchase apps from play store in Kenya.

1. Log in to your Play Store account

2. Under the account option click on add payment methods

3. select “M-Pesa Xpress” as your payment method

M-Pesa Payment OPTION

4. Click save to set “M-Pesa” as your payment option

Note that Google will charge your M-Pesa internet banking as a means of payment whenever you want to purchase apps from play store.

How to Confirm M-Pesa Xpress Payment Method

If you have successfully followed the procedure about to check whether M-Pesa Xpress has been successfully set as your payment method in Google play store, here is how to confirm it so that Google will not charge your previous payment method.

1. Log in to your Google play account with your Gmail and username

2. Search for paid app and prompt to purchase it

3. On the payment page make sure your payment method is set to M-Pesa Xpress

4. Click on purchase to buy the app or decline the payment once you have confirmed it

M-Pesa Internet Banking

With this, you can be rest assure that Google will only charge your M-Pesa Xpress account whenever you want to buy apps from play store.

How to Purchase Play Store Apps With M-Pesa

Once you are ready to buy an app on Google play store kindly follow the procedure above. Meanwhile, for a dual SIM phone, you must first deactivate one of your phone SIM to be able to purchase with M-Pesa payment option in play store.

M-Pesa works in a such a way that you will be charged token for using the payment method and the charge won’t break your bank account. Also, from research, we found out that M-Pesa payment option is not yet available for all, so if you’ve not got the payment option in your play store account payment method kindly exercise some patience

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