3 Types of Cloud Computing Service

Cloud Computing Service in a simple term is an internet service called the cloud that computing services like servers, networking, databases, storage, server software, and server activities (analytics). Computing companies that offer all these cloud services are referred to as cloud provider.

The cloud computing service offers private cloud, public cloud and even a hybrid cloud which offer a flexible changeover to switch between private cloud and public cloud.

When most people start out to use cloud service they started with public cloud service and move over to a private cloud service.

Over time, they switch to a hybrid cloud due to change-over feature that let hybrid cloud user switch function on their cloud server service when they experience event burst on a private cloud.

Private cloud is in every sense better than a public cloud with less or no argument at all. However, it is important to look before you leap when you want to choose a private cloud hosting company whether they offer some benefits than the other.

It’s not stupefaction that some failed to achieve a full pool resource when they opt-in for a private cloud. For this, these are the top 5 must known benefits of private cloud before you subscribe to it.

Cloud Computing Service

Here Are The 3 Types of Cloud Computing Service

They are 3 type of cloud computing service. Whether you are a geek or a newbie, reading this post you have a connection with what we call the cloud. That is why in a simple term, cloud computing service is defined as a computing service housing storage, networking, databases, software, and analytics that help you and I interact with the internet from a different location.

However, with all the classes of cloud computing service, they are three types of cloud computing service which we’ll discuss in this article.

1. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)

2. Platform as a service (PaaS)

3. Software as a service (SaaS)

The three types of cloud deployments are sectioned under this three types of computing services stated above.

1. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is referred to as the basic type of cloud computing service with basic category most found in the shared cloud. The pay as you use cloud service provides IT infrastructure—servers and virtual machines (VMs), storage, networks, and operating systems from your cloud service provider company.

It’s called basic computing service because the features are merely basic when compared to PaaS or SaaS cloud computing service from the same cloud service provider.

Whether you choose to go to the private cloud or public cloud or even a hybrid cloud you will enjoy IaaS feature. Without mincing words, Infrastructure-as-a-service is the term used to qualified a cloud service with basic features with the one listed above.

2. Platform as a service (PaaS)

Platform as a service (PaaS)  in a simple term is a cloud computing service that is rendered on demand by an IT personnel or an organization. The PaaS provide and enabling environment for developing, testing, delivering, and managing software applications.

PaaS cloud computing service is mainly for developers that are dealing with app development, software developement without bothering themselves setting up the basic infrastructure needed for a development such as servers, storage, network, and databases.

Platform as a service is an advanced version of Iaas because the enabling environment is already in place for a developer to start coding without arranging the basic feature of the computing service like IaaS.

3. Software as a service (SaaS)

In a simple term, Software as a service (SaaS) can be seen in two different ways. The Software as a service (SaaS) works on demand and on subscription. In a simple term, Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud computing service for delivery software over the internet.

It’s the duty of the SaaS hosting provider to handle, manage and underlying infrastructure, and handle any maintenance, like software upgrades and security patching. However, when this cloud service is put in place it enables everyone to use and connect to the internet via their mobile phone or computer.

Cloud computing service is an important aspect of the internet. It provides an enabling environment for an IT-personnel to work, a more convenient environment for a developer to code and develop both apps and software. However, it does connect a mobile and computer user to the internet via an application or a software.

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