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New Torrentz2 Proxy Sites

Torrentz2 is a valid torrent site to download movies, music, apps, games, and other gadgets valuables all for free. When talking about a torrent site, Torrentz2 is must name torrent proxy site to unblock contents that have been blocked on other torrents sites like kickass, the pirate bay, extra torrents, 1337x torrent.

Torrentz2 has a lot of proxy mirror sites that are working across the globe. Despite that it’s common for government and organization to request for torrent sites ban or taking down, there are a lot of Torrentz2 mirror sites to search and download season films, episode by episode, complete movies, cracked and modified apps.

Torrentz2 is a torrent contents search engine to download only torrents contents uploaded by seeders are. The best way to download a huge file without a downloader is to use a torrent site like Torrentz2.

Do not mind the domain name. All you are interested in is the working proxy site or mirror site to download online movies, live-event, TV shows at no single cost.

Think Torrentz to be a Google search engine where you can search for all information and get diverse of results without paying for the information. The same thing goes to using Torrentz. Torrentz site offers diverse access to search and download movies, apps, games, season films, and even TV show providing a magnet link to the content.


How to use Torrentz2

You do not need to download a special software or tool to start using Torrentz. The Torrentz magnet links are links with the information you search for on the site. So, when you go to any of the Torrentz magnet link and the link is not blocked in your region you will be able to search and download the magnet site contents for free.

For instance, search for “Torrentz2 alternative” in the Google search engine will give at least a thousand result. You now have to sort the SERP result and go with the one with quality information that can help solve the problem you search for.

That is exactly how Torrentz2 works and how to use it. When you access the proxy link that is already unblocked you will have access to homepage contents and a search box to search for your desired content. Type the title or the author of what you are looking for and hit the search box.

Wait for a couple of minutes for the result. Sort the result accordingly and click on the best among them. Follow the on-screen to either download the content or do the needful as you wish.

Torrentz2 is Blocked

If you are using public or office or school network you’d probably be blocked from access a Torrent site. Torrent sites are considered illegal in most organizations and even in some region. However, to unblock the Torrent site you either use a VPN or a Proxy.

Or probably hide your IP address. For mobile browsers, browsers like Tor with inbuilt VPN is good for this. Also, you can use Opera VPN to unblocked Torrentz.

There are various ways to unblock Torrent sites. Here is what we go to unblock a Torrentz mirror site.

How to Unblock Torrentz2

First and foremost, you must be sure that the torrent site is blocked. If it’s not blocked there is no need for this section. But, if it’s blocked this section is a must to unblock it.

Use a VPN

The first advise I’ll oblige to when it comes to unblocking a torrent site is to use a VPN. For a torrent site to be blocked in a region it means it has attracted public attention and all eyes are on it.

For this, it’s often better to remain anonymous whenever you want to use it. If not, there may be a penalty to face when you are traced to the IP address. Therefore, a VPN.

For Smartphones, How to Set Up Hola Launcher Free VPNHola VPN is one with such great features to remain 100% anonymous. And for PC users, there are a lot of VPN service providers out there with quality service delivery. In fact, we can vouch for ExpressVPN. Opera VPN is also recommended. You can check play store for the latest version of Opera VPN.

Always make sure that your VPN Whoer reads at least 95% secured. Check this guide on how to configure Whoer for a minimum of 95% anonymity.

Use Incognito Mode

When you can’t afford a paid VPN to access a Torrentz2 site or its alternative. We recommend browsers’ incognito mode. Browsers’ incognito mode is similar to a private VPN. It leaves no trace of your search history and browser caches.

To access Torrent2z in a browser’s incognito mode launch the browser and tap on the more menu option to the top right and click on incognito mode. A new browser interface different from normal will appear, the incognito mode is usually with a black interface. So, type the Torretnz2 URL or its similar site and click on the search box.

You will remain anonymous pending the time you are using the incognito mode and you will remain untraced and anonymous. This feature is the same as a VPN service. However, do not rely on this for all browsers. Browser like Google Chrome is at its best with this feature.

Torrentz2 Working Torrents Site

If one Torrentz2 is not working try another one. But, as at the time of publishing this article, these Torrentz2 URLs are working fine and they are very fast.

Oher Working Torretnz2.eu URLs

http://torrentz.usunblock.pro/Very Fast
https://torrentz.sitescrack.win/Very Fast
http://torrentzeu.to/Very Fast
https://torrentz2.eu/Very Fast
https://torrentz.unblocked.pub/Very Fast
https://torrentz.unblocked.lol/Very Fast
https://torrentz.bypassed.cab/Very Fast
https://torrentz.com/Very Fast
https://torrentz-proxy.com/Very Fast
https://www.torrentsmirror.com/Very Fast
https://torrentz2.cc/Very Fast
http://torrentzeu.to/Very Fast
http://torrentz.ukunblock.men/Very Fast
https://torrentz2.is/Very Fast
https://torrentz.unblocked.pub/Very Fast
https://torrentz-proxy.com/Very Fast
https://torrentz.com/Very Fast
https://torrentz.unblocked.team/Very Fast
https://torrentz.sitescrack.win/Very Fast
https://torrentsmirror.com/Very Fast
https://torrentz.unblocked.team/Very Fast
https://torrentsmirror.com/Very Fast
https://torrentz2.me/Very Fast
https://torrentz2.me/Very Fast
https://torrentz.bypassed.cab/Very Fast
http://torrentz.unlockproj.party/Very Fast
https://torrentz.proxybit.loan/Very Fast
http://torrentz.usunblock.pro/Very Fast
http://etorrent.top/Not Available
https://downloadtorrent.top/Not Available

If any of the Torrentz2 magnet links is not working please do leave a comment below so that we can check and rectify it. Also, if you have a working Torrent2z mirror site that is not included in the list kindly drop us a comment so that we can add it to the list.

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