Is MovieRulz Streaming Site Safe to Use or Not?

Movierulz has helped a lot to publicize both coming and rooted Nollywood and Bollywood actors and actresses movies’ through a free channel to browse it, watch it, and download it without subscribing to a paid service.

This seamless effort to make the entertaining world merry for less privilege by Movierulz is probably appalling and against the law. When you talk about websites to download Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam, Movie Rulz, is the first choice and the best streaming websites with tens of proxies and mirrors websites.

However, do you think using Movierulz is safe? Are you liable for contracting malware downloading files from Movie Rulz? Is Movierulz a legal website to download premium contents for free or not? Why is Movie Rulz website always redirects from one domain to another? And how many domain names or proxy sites does MovieRulz has?

A lot of questions could be running through your mind right now as to why you MovieRulz website has not shut down for infringing private contents.


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Is MovieRulz a Legal Movies Website?

No! MovieRulz is not a legal website and it’s no way near one of such. Sharing of pirated content is against the law and it calls for punishment when the organizing body found out. For sharing legal contents, we could say, MovieRulz is 100% illegal website.

However, from our research and according to MovieRulz users guide, Movie Rulz claimed that they do not host a single content on their server instead they embedded contents links on their website for users to access.

These contents include private and public owned contents which could attract fine for sharing without a legal permission. This being the reason why most popular websites like Bookzz, The pirate bay, and others lost their domain name, Movie Rulz, is not left out as it could lose it main website URL one day leaving behind the mirror domains.

To say MovieRulz is a legal website it means that they have right to share, right to distribute and right to make private contents go public without anyone raising eyebrows. A good example of legal websites to streaming movies online is Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other tons of them in that wise.

These websites, unline Movie Rulz, offers premium service which allows users to access all contents, both paid and free for free pending the subscription while on MovieRulz, no registration or credit card is required to sign up for an account.

How MovieRulz Got Their Contents for Sharing

It has become a normal routine for illegal contents sharing sites not to host contents they don’t own the right to share on their server. And neither do they allow users to upload contents on their server, however, how do they now scrap and update their website database for latest and old movies to download.

They do this so that they will not be traced and tracked down through their server. Also, to be on a safer side and not to be guilty of the law, the choice not to host a single content that can implicate them for sharing paid contents on their server. However, how do websites like Movie Rulz and other stores their contents?

MovieRulz scrap content using CyberLockers. The easiest way to scraps content from the file or document source without having a byte of it on your host.

This implies that Movie Rulz only embeds videos and movies on their website through the contents links. This is the same as manually embedding a YouTube video into a website. This doesn’t imply that the video is hosted on that site.

This is brought about the question whether MovieRul is legal or illegal or really infringing private contents without permission.

Can you Contract Malware Using Movie Rulz

You can contract virus anywhere. Without a viable Antivirus, you can contract a virus from websites using popups and popunders. And since MovieRulz uses these form of advertisement, there is no doubt that the site doesn’t contain malware such as virus, Trojan, to mention a few.

MoviesRul begins the popup or popunder the moment you starts to stream movies on the platform prompting you to download antivirus cleaner or install a new antivirus which you don’t know about.

Doing this can harm your computer and smartphone, and at the same times expose your private folder to the developer. Over time, we have discovered that popup viruses like Stafflinq and Kissanime are trending virus you can contract from websites with illegal activities.

However, before you proceed to download movies from MovieRulz, websites like Sucuri security is specialized in searching for a malware on a website. Also, Google Chrome unsafe site warning feature is a good way to start with a website to know whether a website contains a malicious code or it is a clean site.

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