How to Enter the Activation Code and Manage Google Devices

Google offers a simple way to manage Google accounts and all devices that are connected to it via the device page. This page provides all information regarding the list of devices or apps that have been connected or have access to your Google account with the option to remove devices or apps that you cannot identify from the list or you no longer want to keep.

Google has a lot of features we are probably not using. Google as the most used and visited search engine wants to remain the best by offering different services. Unlike Smartphones or computer or tablet, using Google service on smart devices such as Smart TV and other streaming devices requires a bit of a technical approach and sometimes you need a code to complete the process.

Google however offers an activation code to activate any device that the Google service cannot directly work-on on and sign in with the Google account to activate the device.

This is similar to how to activate youtube on smart TV with the youtube TV activation code on

So, if you are having a hard time understanding how the device webpage works and how to enter the activation code here is a guide for you.

What is Device? device is used to manage, activate and view the list of devices that have used your Google account. Here on the webpage, you can manage all connected devices to the account to make your account secure. We can easily refer to as a Google account device manager. It manages all devices that are linked or connected to your Google account. however required both the Google account login [username and password] and the user code to log in and complete the activation process.

Note: make it easy for devices like Chromecast, Smart TV, and streaming devices like Roku or Firestick to connect to both the apps on your smartphone and Google account. So, for devices that are not manufactured by Google to connect to the Google service an activation code is required. This activation code act as a link between the device and the Google service. And the code is validated on the webpage. Since the activation code is a Google-generated code for the user it proves useful often.

Why Device Code? code is a security measure or code to secure your Google account. With the code, it’s believed that you are the owner of the account if you can enter the activation code on your device and sign in to your Google account successfully you are probably not a hacker.

So, whenever you are asked to go to and enter the code on the device screen Google is using it as a security token to help you protect your Google account from an unauthorized device.

So, there is no cause for alarm. Just do as instructed and you will be able to sign in with your Google account on the device.

Go to

Here is a quick to know guide on how to go to and enter the code that displays on your device to connect your device.

Note: For this to work as expected you need to have a non-Google-manufactured device that wants to use the Google service so as to be able to generate the device activation code.

  • Launch the smart or streaming device that wants to use the Google service and generate the activation code to link the device and your Google account together. This could be a device that has any Google service as an option to sign in. Or a device that is not using the Google Android OS as its OS. For example, Samsung Smart TV uses Tizen or LG TV that uses WebOS.
  • Open a browser on your smartphone or computer and visit to sign in to your Google account with the account username and password.
  • Open a new tab on the same browser and go to the www google com device webpage. You should see the page below if you follow the instruction properly.
  • Enter the activation code on the device screen and click on the “Next” button. The https www google com device service will verify and validate the code. Once the code is correct and validated you see a successful message on your device screen and the code screen will automatically refresh itself and you will be granted access to the Google service on the device.

Note: Devices that are connected to your Google account can be disconnected from accessing the Google account either by logging out of the Google service on the app or by removing the service from your Google account manager page. Device Manager

To manage all connected devices to your Google account via the device manager webpage follow the steps in this section.

  •  Go to the device manager page on and sign in to the Google account.
  • Wait for the page to load and click on the “Security” option that is located to the left of the Device
  • Scroll down until you get to “your devices” and click on “Manage devices” to take you to the device manager page.Manage Devices
  • Here you will see all the devices that are connected to your Google account with “where you’re signed-in” as the title. Take a look at all the devices and find the device you want to remove from the list. Most especially, look for a device that you cannot recognize or you do not know when the device was added to access your Google account. You will also have access to apps that have access to your Google account. You can decide to keep the apps or remove them from accessing your Google account.www google com device
  • Click on the three horizontal dots to the top-right of the device or click on “More Details” for more information on what you can do with the
  • Click on “Sign Out” to log out the Google account from the device if you no longer want to keep the device or click on “Don’t recognize this device.”
  • To secure your Google account you will be prompted to click on “Sign out on device” to sign out from the device you do not recognize. Once you have successfully signed out you should see a successful Device manager

This is how to manage my activity history of connected devices to your Google account.

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