How Many People Can Play Among Us?

How many people can Play Among Us? This is a very popular question among players of this game, and it has been carefully discussed in this article.

Among Us, the online multiplayer social deduction game continues to see a dramatic increase in its player base which is now 1.5 million concurrent users with over 100 million downloads. Now, if you are following Among Us as a fan, you may have come across videos with about 100 people playing together at the same time.

If you are wondering how many people can play Among Us and what this 100 player game is about, the following article should help you understand it better.

How many people can play Among Us Officially?

Among Us, you can play with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 players, all of whom are privately assigned the role of a teammate or a cheater. The team members, who will be in greater numbers, will have to walk around the ship to complete the tasks and eliminate all cheaters. A scammer’s only goal is to kill as many crew members as possible and sabotage to turn off the lights and lock the doors.

In a set of 10, you can choose how many scammers you want to assign to Among Us. Ideally, players would prefer 2 cheaters in a 10 player game as 3 cheaters can help cheaters win and a single cheater hits the cheater too hard.

What’s the 100-player Among Us all about?

Since the game’s popularity, many users have tried to personalize their experience among us by creating modified versions of the game to achieve specific goals. One such mod is that of Socksfor1, a game YouTuber that allows you to play with around 100 players on Socksfor1’s custom server among us.

Once installed, you can create your own custom 100 player rooms and join others on the Socks Drawer Discord server to play a game. If you’re not hosting a game, others can invite you to connect to their server in Among Us in the same way as a conventional server in Among Us.

What if 100 people play a single Among Us game?

Expanding a 10-player game to 100 players at once creates duplicates and confusion. For starters, the players among us can take any of the 12 available colors, and larger numbers of players will result in multiple players of the same color, making it difficult for teammates to match each other.

Another difference this 100-player mod would have had compared to a classic 10-player game in Among Us is the number of cheats. While in the regular games of the official version two cheaters are running around the map killing teammates, the 100-player mode can contain up to 10 cheaters, which favor cheaters for the first half of the game.

Youtuber The Pixel Kingdom made another version of the 100 player mod, this time with 1 teammate, and you guessed it – 99 imposters. The result is pretty fun. Take a look here.

Why a 100 player Among Us make no sense?

While a 100 player game in Among Us sounds exciting, playing the game seems harder and less fun than your session with 4 to 10 people among us. This is because all of the cards available in Among Us are too small for 100 players to play at the same time, so the modified deck becomes too full.

Also, as more people play at the same time, the number of cheaters among teammates increases, resulting in a game that begins with a series of multiple murders and total mayhem.

More cheaters mean it will be harder to identify who the cheaters belong to such a large player base, as cheaters could be crawling all over the map and you wouldn’t know who killed who and where.

Another problem that comes up when recording 100 players among us is identification. Among Us only offers a total of 12 colours to choose from, there are teammates with the same color character. If their names are left blank or become unusable, there is confusion about who should vote or keep.

How Many People Can Play Among Us

How many people can Play Among Us? Can you play 100-player Among Us?

Yes, but with some restrictions. First, you can only host 100-player games on Among Us when playing on your PC. The 100 player mod is not available for iOS and Android. Since the mod is available courtesy of Socksfor1, you must reach Rank 5 on the official Sock Drawer Discord community.

However, some fans were able to extract the 100 player mod from Socksfor1’s Discord server and download it from here.

How to play Among Us with 100 players

How many people can Play Among Us? The answer is; up to 100.

If you want to play with 100 players with us, we have discussed in detail in an article that we have already prepared under the link below what you may need to do so and which steps must be followed.

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