How to Access Google Collections

Do you want to access Google Collections, a Google inbuilt tool for bookmarking links, images, restaurants, Google maps, and other searches that you do when using the Google search engine?

The collection tools work in such a way that you can create your collections, add items, and get some suggestions from Google that are related to your previous searches.

When all these collections are created, you can share the collections with your friends and family, which is similar to the way Google Drive links are shared.

However, the Google collections link that you share can only be viewed except the link usage is a change to edit or modify for your friends and family to be able to edit and modify the collections you shared with them.

With this promising booking tool, how do you even access it? Well, this guide will put you through how to access Google collections.How to Access Google Collections

If you do not want to go through the article below is a video tutorial to understand Google collections.

How to Enable Google Discover

The fast approach to accessing Google Collections is to enable Google discovery features.

  • Open the “Google App” on your phone. You can swipe to the right on your phone screen to access the app.
  • Click “More.”
  • Tap on “Settings.”Google Collections Settings
  • Tap on “General.”Tap General
  • Toggle to enable “Google Discover.”Enable Google Discover

With Google discover active on your phone, it’ll be easier to access the collections tab.

How to Access Google Collections

There are two ways to access the Google collection tab. These are;

  • Google App.
  • Web browser.

These ways, you can access all your collections on your Android, web browsers, and other smartphones.

How to Enable Google Collections on Android

  • Swipe to the right on your phone screen.
  • Click on “Turn On” to keep your favorite topics.Turn on Google Collections
  • Select or sign in to your Google account.Select Google Account
  • Click on your”Google Profile Picture“.Google Collections
  • Tap on Collections before the more button
  • You will see all the items that you recently added to your collections, favorite pages, and favorite images.

When you click on these collections, you will see options to delete/remove from the list. We will take a look at how to delete Google collections below.

How to Open Google Collections on Web Browsers

If you have a huge collection in your Google favourite collection, using or accessing them on the web will give a better view of the collections.

  • Open your browser, say, Chrome browser.
  • Visit the Google Collections website on
  • You will be taken to all saved pages, saved links, and images.

How to Create New Collections

If you are planning to share a particular collection with your friends and family, it is better to create a new collection, and here is how to go about it.

  • Open the Google Collections app.
  • Click on “Collections.”Google Collections
  • Click “New” to the right of “Your Collections.”Create New Collection Folder
  • Enter “Name” for your collections.”
  • Tap “Create” to the top right.Google Collections
  • Done.

Now, to share the collections with your friends and family, you should start to search for things to add to the collection.

How to Delete Google Collections

If you have bookmarked some websites, images, and links that you can only access through the collection tab in the app, but you no longer want to keep them, here is a step by steps to delete collections in Google bookmark feature.

  • Go to “Google Discover.”
  • Click on “Collections.”
  • Click on the three vertical dots beside the favorite.
  • Click “Remove.”
  • Done.

The bookmarked site/images/link will be removed from the list.

Removing a Folder from Google Collections

Here is your guide to deleting collection folders in your Google Discover.

  • Open the Collection app.
  • Click on the “Folder” you want to delete.
  • Click on the “More option” to the top right.
  • Click “Delete.”
  • Click “Delete” from the pop-up.
  • Done

The collection folder will be unsaved and will not be accessible any longer.

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