How to Activate FoxSportsGo on PS4

How to activate FoxSportsGo on PS4 used to be simple and direct until Sony discontinued the Vue service. The process to complete the FoxSportsGo activate on PS4 used to be to download and install the FoxSportsGo app, view the activation code, go to, and submit the code after which you will then need to sign in to your TV provider account.

However, since Sony has discontinued the Vue service, the only way to watch and activate FoxSportsGo on PS4 is via the PS4 browser and your PS4 controller to highlight and select the options we need to access the FoxSportsGo website on the console.

However, we will still need the TV provider’s access to access the FoxSports platform on your PS4. 

Therefore, in this guide, I will walk you through how to activate FoxSports Go on PS4 and watch your favorite show or event with cables.How to Activate FoxSportsGo on PS4

FoxSportsGo Activation Code for PS4

With the new method to activate and use FoxSportsGo on PS4, there is no need for an activation code. The FoxSportsGo activation code for PS4 is meant to activate the streaming app on the PlayStation console.

However, since the app is no longer available in the PS4 store, then, the use of an activation code to link the FoxSportsGo app and the PS4 console together is no longer valid. PS4

We won’t make use of also to activate the FoxSports Go app on your PS4. The thing is that we need the FoxSportsGo activation code from the FoxSportsGo app on your PS4 to use

But, since the app has been discontinued on the PS4 console. There is no way to get the activation code from the FoxSportsGo app. Therefore, PS4 is also irrelevant.

How to Activate FoxSportsGo on PS4

The method to activate on your PS4 only works with a PS4 version with an internet browser. With this, you will be able to sign in to your FoxSportsGo account with your TV provider username and password on your PS4 and access your favorite content on the PlayStation console without the FoxSportsGo activation code and PS4.

  • Switch on your PS4 console and wait until the home screen comes up.
  • Scroll down to the content area which contains a row of the PS4 large icons.
  • Find and highlight the “Internet Browser” icon on your PS4 and select “X” on your controller.
  • Use the PS4 on-screen keyboard and type “” and click on the enter button.
  • Navigate to the content you want to stream or watch on your PS4 console with your PS4 controller.
  • Select sign in with “TV Provider” and provide your TV provider’s username and password and click on the sign-in button.

Wait for the FoxSports service and your TV provider’s network to connect. Once the login information you provided has been confirmed you will be granted access to explore the FoxSports service on your PS4 console.

Since there is no direct approach to activate FoxSportsGo on the PS4 console using the app activation code and, then, the method approach is the only way to watch FoxSportsGo on your PS4.

We know that this method could prove difficult to use the FoxSportsGo on your PS4 console compared to Xbox users. However, the only method that works, for now, to work FoxSports on PS4 is what we discussed above.

Another method we are looking at is to airplay your iPhone or cast your Android to your TV instead of PS4.

We believe that this guide has proven to you that even though Sony has retired the Vue service, there is also a way to use the FoxSportsGo app on your PS4 console.

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