How To Activate HBO Go On Apple TV

You must have been searching for a method or way on how to activate HBO Go on Apple TV. Here we will be discussing the step by step process on how to activate HBO Go on Apple TV.

To activate HBO Go on Apple TV it’s required of you to have a mobile device that would be useful for you to complete the activation process. Creating an HBO Go account needs to be done on your android device or ios device or offical website.

You might also want to know if you will be able to activate HBO Go on Apple TV, maybe your device is compatible or incompatible or maybe HBO Go is an Apple TV-supported app. All Apple TV first generation and second generation are supported devices for HBO Go including apple TV HD, Apple TV 4k first-generation, Apple TV 4k second generation.

HBO Go is an international TV Everywhere video-on-demand streaming service offered by the American premium cable network HBO for customers inside of Americas. To activate HBO Go on Apple TV would be so helpful in various ways, you can stream almost anything like films, sports, current and past series, on-demand content, etc

To activate HBO Go on Apple TV shouldn’t be more difficult for you after reading these articles. Its processes and its necessity needs, steps will be highlighted broadly explained to your own better understanding including the solutions to the problems you might have encountered.

How to Install HBO GO on Apple TV?

HBO GO is always available on the Apple store, this app is mostly already installed on some Apple TV, and if it’s not preinstalled, you can install it on your Apple TV. To install follow the steps below.

  • Open the app store on your Apple TV
  •  Enter HBO GO in the search bar and click the search option.
  • Select the HBO GO app from the list.
  • Click on the Install button to get the app on your Apple TV.

How to activate HBO Go app on Apple TV

 After finishing installing, click Open to enter into the HBO GO app. You will need to sign up before you can sign in, and note that you would be given an activation code after when you sign in or sign up. To do this follow the steps below.

  • To sign up visit and choose to Get Just HBO.
  • Fill out the new account form and choose Create Account. You’ll use this email and password to sign in on any supported device.
  • Add your payment info and choose Start Subscription.

after creating an account or signing up above, to activate HBO Go app on your Apple TV follow the steps below.

  •  Open the browser on your computer or mobile and visit the HBO GO activation link to visit
  • Enter the activation code on the browser and click the “Get Started” button.
  • Select your service provider from the list.
  • Enter the Login credentials of the service provider.
  • Select the video you wish to watch.
  • Click on the Play button to stream the video on your Apple TV.How to activate HBO Go on apple TV

Troubleshooting tips on how to activate HBO Go on Apple TV?

the following problems might be some similar issues you are facing on how to activate HBO Go on Apple TV

  • HBO GO on Apple TV with Bad Video Quality Problem
  • HBO GO on Apple TV Cannot Stay Active Problem
  • autoplay problem of HBO Go on Apple TV
  • Error Message
  • Playback error
  • Forgot password

HBO Go having a bad video quality problem

this is one discouraging part of how to activate HBO Go on Apple TV.

Most TV shows, movies, and other content are usually available in high definition on HBO Max. several issues can occur with the video quality of this streaming service. Bugs and glitches can certainly ruin your streaming experience. In the worst-case scenario, HBO Max won’t be able to play your video at all. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to fix the video quality by yourself. To fix this problem

Restart the network and disconnect other devices with the same Wi-Fi to try to get greater bandwidth. If it still does not work, try to change it to a wired connection.

However, it is said that the majority of streaming services in Apple TV provide worse quality than other TV brands. And this technical problem is not related to the network connection, even the resolution of TVs, so there is no effective solution now. 

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HBO Go on Apple TV cannot stay an active problem

HBO Go does not stay active means that it gets disconnected most time with its pairing or paired device i.e it does not stay paired and active with apple TV. Now, how do you prevent from reactivating each time?

Follow the tutorial above to activate HBO GO on Apple TV, then keep it start until goes to sleep mode, then there is an option to restart the Apple TV. After restarting, sign in and re-activate HBO GO App if it asked.

It’s another frequent problem that after connecting HBO GO App to Apple TV, you have to activate the TV periodically to keep it from shutting down. It is said that is caused by the device limit with HBO or Apple TV system settings, but if none of the others Apps on the Apple TV has the same problem, it could be a problem with the HBO GO server

Autoplay problem of HBO Go on apple tv

Other streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube have an Autoplay function too. These platforms also offer the option to switch the feature on and off. So if you would prefer to proceed to the next episode manually, you can. While most streaming platforms have Autoplay set as a default, the ability to turn the function off leaves viewers with a sense of control.

Unfortunately, HBO Max does not offer the same functionality.

If you search the streaming site’s help page about turning off Autoplay, you are given the following message “No, Autoplay can’t be turned off. Instead, you’ll need to pause or stop video playback before the next episode begins.

Error message;

if you are experiencing an error message you can try out the following to fix it.

  • Close other tabs in the browser and/or restart the browser
  • Close unnecessary applications running in the background
  • Empty cache and cookies from the browser
  • Check the number of devices using the same Wifi connection to ensure the necessary bandwidth is available
  • Try the playback with a different network connection method, if applicable (Ethernet instead of Wireless)
  • Try to use different network connections e.g. 3/4G hot spot
  • Restart your modem/router

Playback error

Sometimes the video file may also turn corrupt due to abrupt interruption during transfer, download, processing or due to a virus in the drive. … Device drivers are not updated. that is another reason why updating your device is important. 

As the Android operating system is used by many different hardware manufacturers, sometimes the device is set up in a way, so our application will not permit playback. Please reach out to our Customer Service to provide us with information about the issue and device, so we can work towards making the application treat your specific device correctly.

Forgot password

if you are having issues in login because you can’t remember your password, there is a solution for that. If you forgot your password, please use the “Forgot Password” link right next to where you sign in and you will be able to update the password from the link sent to your registered email address.

Note that your email address is very important in this situation, if you have a lost email or, unable to login into the email you used in registering, it would be very difficult, the only way that can help you is to change your email.

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