How to Activate NetSpend Visa Card

Have you got the NetSpend Visa card you want to activate? Here is a guide to activate NetSpend visa card. If you are ready to start using your NetSpend Visa Card for online shopping you need to either activate your NetSpend visa card online on or over the phone using NetSpend phone number.

Meanwhile, whether you choose to activate your NetSpend card first or later you’ll have access to your statement of account, view transaction history, and many more.Activate NetSpend

Requirements to Activate NetSpend Card

Before you proceed to to begin your NetSpend card activation you must have the following requirements.

  • NetSpend visa card information such as;
    • Visa card number
    • Security Code [CVV / 3 digits at the back of the card].
  • NetSpend login. [Check out this information on NetSpend login]

With the above information ready you are good to go to process NetSpend card online activation.

How to Activate NetSpend Card

Here is how to activate the NetSpend visa card for online shopping and usage at the point of sale [POS].

  • Go to
  • Click “Activate Card” to the top right.
  • Enter your “Card Number”.
  • Type the “3 digits security code at the back of the card”.
  • Click “Continue”.
  • Log in to your NetSpend account.
  • Done.

Other information may be required to activate your NetSpend card but this is the basic approach to do it online without calling NetSpend customer care representative.

How to Activate NetSpend without SSN

If you are talking about how to activate NetSpend without SSN you are probably referring to NetSpend online activation. There is no way you can activate the NetSpend card online without SSN or government-issued identification number.

It’s a must to at least use a government-issued identification number for NetSpend card activation. If you choose to activate the NetSpend card on phone over an online procedure the customer representative will ask information related to your account which you may need to either provide your social security number or government-issued identification number.

The SSN or government-issued ID number signifies a legal means of acquiring and activating the card. If you are not too convinced with NetSpend activation with SSN you can go for Alien Registration Number instead.

In a nutshell, activating NetSpend prepaid visa card you need to provide a government-issued identification number. Whether you choose online activation or activate by calling NetSpend phone number you will be asked questions that are related to your legal means of identification.

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