Everything you Need to Know About MyPay & its Benefits

If you have come across myPay and you don’t know what exactly the Defense Accounting and Finance (DFAS) website is all about and used for here is the guide you need. This article will inform you of all the information you need about the DFAS website.

We’ll also court across how to master my Pay if you are new to the website and how it can be of benefit to you, friends, family, and associates. In the long run, you’ll learn how to create a myPay account and how to reset myPay password if you forgot your login password.

What is myPay?

myPay is a website designed for Defense Accounting & Finance (DFAS) to server all serving members, retired members, annuitants, NAF employees, and some select civil servants to have access to their earning statement and leave, change working address, update bank information for either direct deposit or EFT while still working or as a retiree, manage all their work allotments, know and manage their tax withholding via the myPay website, if they have saving bonds they’d also be able to manage it with myPay login username and password, have access to know more about how they are been taxed, and view all their TDY travel claims.

All the benefits of my Pay excluded coast guard that are using the service’s pay and personnel centre [PPC] website. Apart from those using the PPC website, my Pay website users can opt-in to the BRs (Blended Retirement System as well as making a suitable adjustment to their TSP contribution via myPay site at https://mypay.dfas.mil/.

Create a myPay Account

The decision to create a my Pay account is up to you after going through all the benefit of myPay above. Since my Pay website is an effective way to manage your retirement pay account. However, if you are yet to create myPay account here is a step by step procedures. However, the process to open myPay account is straight and there is no reason to panic creating your account.

  1. Visit myPay website
  2. Click on “Forgot or Need a Password”myPay
  3. Enter your social security number for myPay to send a temporary login password to youSocial Security Number
  4. Navigate back to myPay homepage and click on create an account
  5. Enter your SSN and the temporary password sent to you.
  6. If you have an army AKO account select one of the listed optionsSend Temporary password
  7. If you see the red alert message that reads “The combination you entered is incorrect. You have already created a LOGIN ID and should not be using your SSN to log in. Please try again”, this means that you already have my  Pay login that is valid for use.
  8. Navigate back to myPay site homepage
  9. Click on “Forgot your Login ID”
  10. Enter your SSN and email address and click on email login ID
  11. Alternatively, enter your Social Security Number and your myPay login password and click display login ID.
  12. Once the login ID is displayed go back to myPay website homepage to enter the login ID and password and click on sign in.

Create a Permanent Password

The myPay login password is temporal so you need to create a permanent password you can use continuously whenever you want to login myPay account to see what you’ve got to know.

  1. Sign in to my Pay account using the temporary password as explained above
  2. Navigate to the main menu and click on personal settings
  3. Click on change password – for use on myPay web only
  4. Enter your desired password and pass the verification testmyPay Permanent Password
  5. Click on accept/submt button

Now, the new password will replace the old temporary password that was sent into your email. However, the inability to log in to your my Pay account within 150 days will render the new password useless and you’ll have to go through the stress to request for a new password, create a new profile, etc before you can manage your retire pay, bonds, and lot more on myPay site

Reset myPay Login Password

If peradventure you’ve forgotten your login password to myPay you can reset the login password follow these procedures.

  1. Click on the RPM Team Members App
  2. Click on the appropriate company forms (South or Midwest)
  3. Click “My Pay Password Reset”
  4. Fill out the electronic form using the RPM Team Members app

Meanwhile, if you do not want to use the reset password feature in the myPay mobile app you can use the forgot password on the web browser for quick and easy password recovery.

How to Reset my Pay Password

This is an alternative approach to reset my Pay Password if you don’t want to use the RPM approach.

  1. Go to my Pay website homepage at https://mypay.dfas.mil/
  2. Type my Pay Login ID and password and click on sign in
  3. Under the user-agent agree to the terms and conditions
  4. You will be prompted to answer eight questions, so tick the boxes beside the questions to answer.
  5. Click on submit questions
  6. Provide valid answers to all the selected questions and click on submit answers
  7. Now, to start using my Pay click on the main menu at the upper right.

You will be taken to my Pay main account. However, to reset your password, three of these questions will be asked you. It’s very important to provide the exact answers provided while answering them. These questions will be selected at random

How to secure my Pay Login ID

If you have a problem with your my Pay login ID or security you can contact myPay at 888-332-7411 to speak to one of their customer representatives.

A more precautionary measure to take includes not writing down your login ID on a sheet of paper or where unauthorized users will have access to it.

However, to make sure your login ID is safe, ensure to save your password and user ID where an intruder would not have easy access to it. Better still, it’s good to know the login offhand rather than relying on jotter. You can even save it online using your favourite password manager.

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