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Facebook Face Recognition: How to Enable or Disable it

Facebook has done a lot to the human race by letting people meet their old friends, reunite old family together, and the media social has done a lot to make sure there are security and high level of privacy on the platform.

The Facebook facial recognition auto tag is one of the ways that Facebook has used to curb unauthorized used of another persons’ property such as photos, videos, and many other things.

However, the Facial recognition auto tag has beckoned to some the use of Facebook for easy recognition of themselves when someone else uses their photo as a profile picture or when they feature in a video so they can easily identify themselves.

Despite this great feature, some still believe that technology isn’t really fair and they are not interested in the new facial recognition introduced by Facebook, as such they want to block the Facebook facial recognition and tighten their privacy on Facebook, with the facial algorithm, some have even pulled down their Facebook account to play safe to their own understanding. However, if you are few of those that would love to turn off Facebook facial recognition and increase your Facebook privacy so that you have absolute control over your Facebook privacy here is a post for you.

Meanwhile, before you even think of how to disable the Facebook facial recognition auto-tag feature you need to know that the Facebook facial recognition let you easily identify yourself in a group picture just like most of us know about Google facial recognition and how the facial recognition algorithm works.

In the same line, if a video of you and your family is uploaded on Facebook you will easily be able to point to yourself in the video that there you are among a crowd that makes up the video clip.

So without wasting much of your time, the procedure below shows how to turn off or disable or block Facebook facial recognition auto tag.

Note, not all Facebook account has its facial recognition enabled and if you are fortunate to be one of those people there is no need to block the feature again, however, if the opposite is the case proceed below to manually block the facial recognition feature on your Facebook account.

How to Block Facebook Facial Recognition

1. Log into your Facebook account

2. Click on the more option and click on “settings”

Block Facebook Facial Recognition

3. In “General Settings”, under “Privacy”  click on “Face Recognition”


Disable Facebook Face recognition

4. In front of “Face Recognition” click on “Edit” button and select “NO” to “Block” the feature manually

Block Facial recognition on FB

After the above procedure, you will no longer be tagged to Facebook photos and videos automatically.

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