Dylan Starr Williams Net Worth, Age, Mom, and Education

Dylan Starr Richard Williams was born in mid-August 2012, to Lakeisha Juanita Graham and  Richard Williams. Richard Williams met Lakeisha Juanita Graham who was a grocery store owner and they got married in 2010. Dylan is popularly known as the half-brother of tennis stars Venus Williams and her sister Serena Williams

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Dylan Starr Education

From a court document obtained from the court case between his parents, we discovered Dylan is now enrolled in middle school.

Dylan Starr Williams Age 

Dylan Starr Williams is 10 years old, he was born in mid-August 2012.

How Old is Dylan Starr Williams

Dylan Starr Williams is currently 10 years old, he celebrates his birthday in mid-August.

Richard Williams III

Richard Dove Williams, Jr. was born on February 16, 1942, in Shreveport, Louisiana, United State. He is a former American tennis coach and popularly regarded as the father of tennis star players Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

Richard Williams is the only son and the oldest of five children born to his parents Julia Mae and Richard Dove Williams. His sisters are Pat Williams, Barbara Williams, Penny Williams, and Faye Williams. He moved to Saginaw, Michigan, and then to California.

After he saw Virginia Ruzici play tennis on television, he took tennis lessons and he decided that his future daughters would be tennis professionals. He began giving lessons to his daughters Venus Williams and Serena Williams when they were about four, and he often takes them to the public tennis courts.

He eventually got them into Shreveport tennis tournaments In 1995. He enrolled his daughters in a tennis academy, he later pulled them out and coached them himself.

Richard Williams bought a 10-acre property in 1995, which is located in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. The aerial views of the building showed two tennis courts in the backyard of the dead-end street.

He however lost the home property in 2019, after his ex-wife forged his signature and she transferred the property in her name. The incident happened after Lakeisha Graham took a loan of $279,000 from a hard lender known as David Simon. She however blew the money on a failed truck business and the interest kept piling up.

Mr. David Simon, the hard lender later demanded his money back with interest.  However, according to the suit filed at US Bankruptcy Court Richard Williams wants the money from the property sale to go directly to him. This transaction would also include legal fees that Lakeisha would have to pay.

However, the couple has been at war for almost 6 years and their divorce has only triggered more lawsuits. Richard Williams’s lawyer, Mr. Thomas Gruseck states in a court document, “The defendant, Lakeisha Williams, is one hundred per cent at fault, for her improper actions.

Richard Williams currently lives with his daughter Serena in a one-story property that she bought back in June 2015.

Richard Williams Spouse

Richard Williams has been married 3 times, he met his first wife Betty Johnson after moving to California. They eventually got married in 1965, they have five children, three sons, and two daughters named (Sabrina Williams, Richard Williams III, Ronner Williams, Reluss Williams, and Reneeka Williams) from their marriage. Betty Johnson had a daughter Katrina from a previous relationship. The couple eventually got divorced in 1973.

After his divorce from his first wife, Richard Williams met Oracene “Brandy” Price in 1979. They later got married in 1980 and they have two daughters together. Although Oracene Price had three daughters from her previous relationship. Venus Williams was born on June 17, 1980, while Serena Williams was born on September 26, 1981. The couple eventually got divorced in 2002.

Richard Williams met his third wife Lakeisha Juanita Graham who was a grocery store owner a few years after his second breakup. They eventually got married in 2010 and they gave birth to a son named Dylan Starr Williams in august 2012, the couple however got divorced in 2017. However, Richard Williams also has another son outside his marriage.

Is Richard Williams Still Alive

Yes, William Richard is still alive, although he currently suffers from stroke as reported currently in 2022.

Richard Williams Net Worth

Richard William’s net worth is currently estimated to be around $10 Million, he is widely regarded as the father and former tennis coach of his daughters Venus Williams and Serena Williams. 

Dylan Starr Williams Net Worth

Dylan Starr William’s net worth is not currently estimated, since he is still minor and dependent on both his parents. 

Lakeisha Juanita Graham

Lakeisha Juanita Graham

Lakeisha Juanita Graham is the 3rd wife of Richard Williams, she is a grocery store owner. The couple got married in 2010 and she gave birth to her son Dylan Starr Williams in August 2012. The coup[le got divorced in 2017.

However, despite filing for divorce in 2017, they have been reported to have been in and out of court.

According to TMZ news, Richard Williams first filed for divorce after accusing Lakeisha of being an alcoholic and stealing money.

However, Lakeisha later filed for a new court document claiming her husband of 7 years has been acting erratic and hostile which makes her afraid.

She claimed that she had to remove an arsenal of firearms including an AK-47 from their home in fear he could harm her or her son Dylan Williams. She insisted that she has been essentially raising their child Dylan Williams on her own because Richard Williams refused to get involved. She says school officials, teachers, and doctors will corroborate her claims.

She then told the court that she is afraid Richard Williams will go all scorched Earth on her to retaliate for airing their issues in court. She finally claimed that he will essentially cut her off financially.

However, they had another court case in 2019, after Lakeisha took a loan of $279,000 from Mr. David Simon a money lender. Richard Williams lost his home property located in Florida in the aftermath of the incident after Lakeisha forged his signature and transferred the document in her name.

The amount Lakeisha owed Mr. David Simon is $517,000. Her Ex-husband Richard Williams is insisting that instead of paying Simon, she must pay him first with the lawyer fee included, which could easily cross the $1 million mark.

Dylan Starr Williams’ Mom

Lakeisha Juanita Graham got married to Richard Williams in 2010 and she gave birth to her son Dylan Starr Williams in August 2012.

Dylan Starr Williams Mother


Dylan Starr Williams’ Mother

Dylan Starr Williams was born to Richard Williams and his now ex-wife Lakeisha Juanita Graham.

Dylan Starr Williams Instagram

Dylan Starr Williams doesn’t have an active Instagram account, he is still a young kid.

How Many Brothers Does Serena Williams Have

Serena Williams has four stepbrothers Richard Williams, Ronner Williams, Reluss William, and Dylan Starr Williams.
However, it was rumoured that her father Richard Williams fathered another son outside his marriage which we are yet to confirm.

Is Venus Williams Still Married

No Venus Williams is not married but she was previously engaged to golfer Hank Kuehne between 2007 – 2010. She was also in a relationship with multi-millionaire Nicholas Hammond.

Does Venus Williams Have a Child?

No! Venus Williams does not have kids yet. But she considers her dog, a Havanese named Harold Reginald Williams, to be a son, as she revealed during her interview with Cosmopolitan.

He’s been a part of her family for 14 years now. However, she is aunt to Alexi Olympia Ohanian Jr, the daughter of her younger sister Serena Williams. While she has a total of seven siblings.

NameDylan Starr Williams
Age10 years old
Date of BirthAugust 2012
BackgroundAfrican American
ParentsLakeisha Juanita Graham (Mom)
Richard Williams (Dad)
Net WorthNot Estimated
SiblingsSabrina Williams,
Richard Williams III,
Ronner Williams,
Reluss Williams,
Reneeka Williams
Venus Williams
Serena Williams

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