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KissAnime Ru is a web portal to watch Anime online, watch drama, read Manga, read Novel, and meet with Anime loves on KissAnime forum. The main purpose of KissAnime Ru is to provide access to download Anime and watch Anime online for free. KissAnime website offers access to download hot, recent and most watched Anime episodes online.

KissAnime Ru has the highest collection of Anime movies on the internet without restriction or reasons not to download. As a registered member of KissAnime Ru, you can submit your favourite Anime movies, Mangas that you read, Novels, etc to KissAmine admin to include it in the right category.

KissAnime Ru Categories

To make it easy for KissAnime fans to search for KissAnime movies and Manga stories, KissAnime Ru’s contents are sections into categories;


AnimeList contains unlimited numbers of Anime. Here you can check out the list of Anime you want to watch or download. The list of Anime is subjected to daily update to keep body and souls to together to watch Anime online all for free.


If you are a fanatic fan of Manga stories the Manga read of KissAnime Ru will serve you right. created another standalone website for Manga readers to read their favourites Manga stories. If you want to read more Manga stories without using Manga Readers app for Android you should consider visiting

3. Action

Here is a collection of all actions Anime stories you cannot afford to miss with a lot of thrillers. This category is mainly for KissAnime fans or individual that loves to see only actions movies as far as their love for Anime is a concern.


I am also a victim of adventure category. Here you will be able to explore everything that deals with adventure on Anime. Just like the actions and drama categories, the adventure categories are full of thrillers and most watch Anime episodes.

Other Popular Categories

Other popular categories on that you can explore include; Cars, Cartoon, Comedy, Dementia, Demons, Drama, Dub, Ecchi, Fantasy, Game, Harem, Historical, Horror, Josei, Kids, Magic, Martial Arts, Mecha, Military, Movie, Music, Mystery, ONA, OVA, Parody, etc,.

Create KissAnime Ru Account

Here is how to create account to request for your favourite Anime if you cannot find it on the website.

  1. Open your browser and visit
  2. Click on “Register” to the top right
  3. Pick a username, type your valid email address, password, tick “I’m not a robot”, and click on “Register”.
  4. Go to your email address and click on the “verification link”
  5. Once you have verified your email address you will be taken to your dashboard for exploring.

Reset Forgot Password

Here is how to reset KissAnimeRru password for users in 2019.

  1. Go to KissAnime web portal
  2. Click on “Login” to the top right
  3. Click “Forgot Password”
  4. Enter your “Email address” that is linked to your KissAnime profile
  5. Click “OK”
  6. Open your email and click on KissAnime password reset link
  7. Create a new password that is different from the old password
  8. Click on submit

You KissAnime login will be changed from the old login to the newly created password.

Request an Anime

If one or two of your favourite Animes are missing from here is how to request for it.

  1. Open your browser and visit KissAnime Ru webpage
  2. Click on Report/Request
  3. Go to KissAnime Reddit community or go straight here
  4. Sign in to your Reddit account
  5. Provide the download URL to the Anime in your form. If the URL is not available provide the torrent link otherwise your message will be ignored.

For the record, make sure you search for the exact Anime you want to be included in database. Once the information above is provided with the Anime will be included within a short time.

Download KissAnime

Here is how to download Anime from KissAnime website for free with or without registration.

  1. Open your browser and visit KissAnime Ru webpage
  2. Type the name of the “Anime” you want to download in the search box and click on the search button
  3. Scroll down and click on the episode you wish to download. And if you want to download the whole episodes start clicking on them one after the other.
  4. If you are using Chrome browser make sure to turn off data saver else you will be subjected to answering security questions and the media will not load as expected.
  5. Navigate to where you see ‘Mobile/Download (save link as …)’
  6. Right-click on it and select your desired output. Always go with HD to be able to view it on all device.
  7. Choose a location on your device to save it. You can even create a folder for the whole episode if you are downloading more than an episode.

And for the record, the quickest approach to download is using a download manager. All are required to download Anime using a download manager is to copy and paste the download link and click on download.

KissAnime Ru APK

Here is a quick step to download KissAnime APK app for Android phone.

  1. Navigate to your phone settings >> security >> unknown sources >> enable
  2. Download KissAnime APK
  3. Open your File Explorer or File manager on your phone
  4. Navigate to your download folder
  5. Click on KissAnime_apk
  6. Click on the install button to the bottom left

Wait for a couple of seconds to install the Anime APK app on your phone to access all your favourite Anime on your mobile and stream online.

KissAnime Ru FAQ

Is it Legal to Stream Shows on KissAnime

If you are particular about violating the rule of law for streaming shows on KissAnime you should protect your online privacy. Since KissAnime does not have the right to share the contents on the platform we can say it’s illegal to stream Animes on KissAnime.

Does KissAnime Website Contains Viruses, Malware

There are some claims that contains a virus. This virus is named decoy for spammers, virus, and malware. So, you need to be conscious when you want to use KissAnime.

Is a Safe Website contains a lot of pop-up ads. We can’t vouch for these pop up that they are safe. So, be watchful whenever you are using KissAnime as your Anime download source.

Has KissAnime Shut Down

No, it hasn’t been shut down. The Anime download site is still working fine and up to date.

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