How to Cancel Proactiv Subscription

How to Cancel Proactiv Subscription in this article has been discussed expressly to provide you with the most understandable information about the matter.

Whether you to can your account for while, or completely leave the brand you can do this with the guide in this article.

I’m personally familiar with this brand because it was started in 1995, which was a significant year in my life.

Proactiv since its launch has evolved and gas now included some premium benefits for subscribers and people with premium accounts.

For clarity’s sake, I’d talk about this brand and what it stands for.

Proactiv is a skincare brand that started in 1995 in the United States of America. Its products include body was, hair moisturizer, and cleansers 

There are other benefits available on proactive which you can only be able to access when you buy a subscription. And become a member.

This premium opportunity has its tagline in the name of “Be Proactive”, where members are offered some officially undisclosed benefits and more.

Let’s assume you have been subscribed to this platform for some time, and you are no more satisfied with the services, or benefits, or you are uninterested in being a member any longer, we have prepared this article for you.

How to Cancel Proactiv Subscription in this article will offer you all the pieces of information you need to cancel your subscription so save your money or put it somewhere else.

Therefore if you know anyone who’s a member of this and wants to opt-out of it or cancels their subscription, you can share this article with them to help them out.

We have discussed how to cancel Proactiv Subscription in more than one way to make sure we cover the steps and allow you the flexibility to choose which one is best for you.

How to Cancel Proactiv Subscription

How to Cancel Proactiv Subscription

“Be Proactive” which is a tagline for the subscription package of the Proactiv platform provide some of the best skincare facilities for its members, but this is not without cost, and some times these costs can be extreme that one may prefer to get their skincare care products from stores around them.

I must tell you before I move to How to Cancel Proactiv Subscription proper that you cannot cancel your Proactiv account through email.

Some people may try to send messages as letters or something, but this doesn’t work. And also visiting in person will also not help, and would provide a list or no help on how to cancel Proactiv Subscription.

You can only cancel your Proactiv subscription with the instructions below:

  • By Contact Us Form
  • By Phone Call

How to Cancel Proactiv Subscription

How to Cancel Proactiv Subscription by Contact Us Form

The most site on the internet has so many ways of contacting them, one of which is through the contact form.

You can cancel your Proactiv Subscription by using the Contact Us form on the Proactiv site.

Before submitting your form, make sure you have stated clearly that you wish to cancel your Proactiv Subscription and you may need to State the reason your the activation.

How to Submit your Contact us form

  • First things first. You need to open the contact us page With a good web browser, this is important to make for a successful form submission.
  • Enter all the information that would be required of you in the appropriate places to ascertain your account ownership.
  • After you have entered the appropriate information, select the category section on the contact form and enter explicitly that you wish to cancel your Proactiv account.
  • After you have successfully submitted your form, you would have to wait for some time to get an email of confirmation from Proactiv.
  • Proactiv subscription cancellation doesn’t happen quickly, you have to wait for some time for the cancellation process to take place.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from Proactiv when your subscription has fully be cancelled.
  • You can access the “Contact Us Form” using the like

How to Cancel Proactiv Subscription Through Phone

Another way through which you can cancel your Proactiv Subscription is by phone call. At the About Us page or Contact Us page of the Proactiv website, you’ll see this contact phone number, dial the number, and inform whoever picks the call that you want to cancel your Proactiv subscription with immediate effect.

The person will be required you release some security information that would guarantee that you are the owner of the account you wish you cancel its subscription before proceeding with the cancellation.

If probably, you do not see the customer care number on the aforementioned pages, let me help you by writing here. 1-800-309-4796

After they have confirmed that your Proactiv subscription has been cancelled, ask them to send you a confirmation email with the cancellation details. This is important as it would be used for future references if need be.


How to Cancel Proactiv Subscription in this article has been discussed in the best way possible.

The company started the “Be Proactive” as a way of having this package for the customer who would be willing to pay to receive special skincare facilities.

But you know with time one might need to invest in something else or try other things. If this is the case for you, I believe this article has been of help to you.

We discussed the two possible ways on how to cancel Proactiv Subscription, from submitting the contact form to phone, and we have discussed that you need to give accurate information about your account, and explicitly state that you need your subscription cancelled.

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