How To Start A Watch Party On Facebook On PC And Mobile 

Learn the easiest ways to start a Watch Party on Facebook using any platform, including a Facebook page, group, profile, timeline, etc.

The world’s most popular social networking service, Facebook, continues to add new features in hopes of maintaining its massive user base. One of the latest popular additions is Watch Party, which allows users to watch videos with their friends and family even when they are miles away. Today we’re going to take a look at how to start a Facebook Watch party everything you need to know to get started.

Since the launch of the Watch Party, Facebook videos have taken on many new meanings. This feature allows users to run product demos, tutorials, Q&A, or watch YouTube videos together with a group of people. At first glance, Watch Party is taking Facebook’s original mission statement from “staying in touch with friends and family” to “staying in touch with whomever.” In a world where it’s not always possible to have a coffee, things like that make a huge difference.

Another cool thing is that you can keep your viewing evenings forever with a handy Mac assistant. Use Capto to record your Facebook meeting and watch it again later or share the recording with those who couldn’t attend. Capto is a powerful screen recording application for Mac with a built-in video editor.

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What is Facebook Watch Party?

How To Start A Watch Party On Facebook

Facebook started the Watch Party in 2018 as a native co-watching feature. Watch Party has quickly become irreplaceable social entertainment for video enthusiasts, especially in times of a global pandemic where all entertainment is online. What is a Facebook watch party, and what are the benefits? Short answer: everyone sees the same thing and comments in real-time. Long answer: Lots of great ways to connect with your friends, followers, the community, or anyone in the world.

What is Watch Party Benefits?

Watch Party on Facebook is in every way a virtual theatre, only playing videos on Facebook. It’s the perfect place to get in touch with friends and family, share a laugh or two, and even learn a few things along the way.

When used correctly, Watch Party can let you work on a DIY project with your friends, learn a new craft, and even watch a great family video with your extended family who couldn’t physically be there.

There is only one thing to keep in mind when using Watch Party: the video you use for Watch Party on Facebook should be public.

How do I Start a watch Party on Facebook?

Now that you know the Watch Party and its benefits, let’s see how you can throw one without breaking a sweat. You can start a watch party from your newsfeed, Facebook group, page, or directly from the video you are watching. Next, let’s see how to start a watch party from your PC and mobile device.

1. Start a watch party from the news feed on the PC

  • To start a watch party from your PC, you must first log into your Facebook account and click on the text field under “Create a message”. Now click the ellipsis next to “Tag a friend”.

How To Start A Watch Party On Facebook On PC And Mobile 

  • Scroll down and click “Watch Party,” indicated by a popcorn bucket icon.

How To Start A Watch Party On Facebook On PC And Mobile 

  • Now select a video or browse categories to add a video to Watch Party. When you find the video you want, click “Add to Queue”.

Confirm your selection with “Done”.

  • You can also tag your friends as they post and even add a title of your choice before posting. Once you have made up your mind, click “Publish/Post”.

  • Once posted, a message will appear stating that your Watch Party is about to start.

Start a watch party from the news feed on Mobile.

Starting a watch party from the Facebook mobile app is just as easy, albeit with a few different steps.

  • First, log in to your Facebook profile and tap on “What do you think?” Now scroll down and tap on “Watch Party”.

How To Start A Watch Party On Facebook On PC And Mobile 

  • Some recommended videos will appear on the next screen. Just tap a video to add it to the queue.
  • Of course, you can search for a new video by tapping the “Find Videos” text box. There are also several tabs: For You, Music, Seen, and more for navigation. When you have finished your video (s), tap “Done” in the top right corner.

How To Start A Watch Party On Facebook On PC And Mobile 

  • You can also add a description of your watch party and then publish the message by clicking Publish/Post.

How To Start A Watch Party On Facebook On PC And Mobile 

Start a Watch Party on a side or in a group.

You can also watch videos from groups or Facebook Pages together. This is very useful when you want to share something interesting with your community or your followers. Please note that you need administrator/editor rights to start a display group on a page. Does it work like this:

  • Select Groups / Pages in the left menu
  • Choose the group or site where you want your watch party to take place.
  • Click Create Post> Watch Party.
  • Browse suggested content, find a specific video, or upload your content
  • Next to the videos you want to watch, click Add to Queue.
  • When you are happy with the videos you selected, add a description, and post it.
  • You can invite people to join your group in a group by writing their names. You will receive notifications when guests join. You will also see your profile photos on the lower left of the screen.

Share videos with friends as you watch them

Finally, if you find an interesting video on Facebook and want to invite your friends to watch it with you, you can have an impromptu party:

  • Play the video on Facebook
  • At the bottom of the video, click Share> View Party.
  • If you want to queue more videos, click Add Video,> Add to Queue> Done in the lower right corner.
  • When you’re ready to post, add a description, and click Publish.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to the watch party by writing/typing their names.

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