How to Properly Configure the Bluestacks App Player

Bluestacks App Player is a third party software developed by Bluestacks software company for the sole purpose of emulating android operating system on windows based laptops or PCs.

Bluestacks has gained its ground in the android virtual environment as it is currently the most used android emulator in the market.

Bluestacks implement a system whereby everything runs on a virtual box which sometimes results in slower user interface whenever users open more than three android applications at a time.

Bluestacks offers one of the best runtimes for Android developers and or users that would love to use their favourite apps on their laptop computers.

Even though Bluestacks offers a simple user interface, I bet you there are still areas that you haven’t seen. You can easily customize the Bluestack app player to fit your needs or perform the way you would want it to perform.

Bluestack: Ways you can customize the app player for the best experience on your laptop computer.

Blackstack app player

Customizing the “Settings” pane in Bluestacks App Player.

Bluestack has settings options that allow you to change or make new changes to the way the app will look or perform.

Follow these steps to work on the settings pane…

Step 1: On the home panel, Click on the settings icon at the top bar section.

Step 2: Once you click on it, several options like Change Skin, Change Wallpaper etc. Will be available for you.

Setting up your display on Bluestacks App Player

Available customization options on Bluestacks

1. Display

2. Backup & Restore

3. Notifications

4. Bluestack Engine

5. Preferences

6. Boss Key

7. Bluestack Update

8. About Bluestacks

1. Display

The display is one important aspect of any software because it determines how your apps, app home and screen will look like. The better the display the more attractive will become.

On Bluestack: You can customize the Display and DPI with the use of the display option in settings. Note that you’ll need to restart your pc before it will become effective.

2. Backup & Restore

Bluestacks offers support to users with the option to backup important files and apps in case of any damage that may arise.

Users can create a backup of files, music, videos etc. into a separate folder on the local machine (laptop Hard Disk).

Once you create of backup of your files, you can choose to restore them at any point in time whenever the need arises using the backup and restore option in the settings pane at the top bar section.

3. Notifications

Notifications section on Bluestacks allows you to manage notifications. The notifications sections notify the user whenever there is any change or for cases like messenger apps, a new message will appear there.

Note: You can customize your notifications even further.

(i) Show Notifications: Notifications made visible

(ii) Custom Notifications: An option to either show or hide notifications.

(iii) Auto-hide: Enables Notifications to Auto-hide itself after some seconds but (10 in most cases).

Pop-Ups Notification

(i) Mute: You can mute notifications for a stipulated time, let’s say an hour.

(ii) Cross Button: An option to close the current notification

(iii)Notification Settings: Opens an entirely different window for custom notifications settings.

4. Bluestack Engine

Bluestack engines define the runtime and processors that are required for the smooth running of the software. You can easily customize it for the smooth functioning of the app.

Follow these steps to configure the Bluestacks engine

Step 1: On home >> Click on the settings tab

Step 2: On the settings pane >> Click on Engine Tab>> You can switch to any mode like DirectX or OpenGL. Note you’ll need to restart your laptop for the settings to become effective.

You can also switch to advanced options for games and apps that require you to have advanced graphics. You can also allocate CPUs and RAM accordingly.

5. Preferences

Preferences allow you to customize the Bluestacks performance and other related tasks. You can also add desktop icons to installed apps on the Bluestacks.

6. Boss Key

Boss Key is a unique feature that allows you to hide Bluestack apps instantaneously. The feature will hide Bluestack completely with the use of control keys on your laptop system.

Hide Bluestack by performing the function: Ctrl+Alt+A.

7. Bluestack Update

Bluestack has become standout among the Android Emulators out there with its continuous update and support. Bluestack continually sends updates to its software.

You should always check for the latest update so that you can install for improved performance.

To do this “Click on updates” in the settings pane of Bluestack.

8. About Bluestacks

Bluestacks About page simply provides everything you need to know about Bluestack.

Bluestacks Alternatives out there

In case you are not satisfied with the features offered in Bluestacks app player, you may check other players that offer better performance

Reasons why the Bluestack is the best

1. Fewer Bugs: On Bluestack app player, you face less bug-like black screen, app freezing etc.

2. Updates: Updates are important for the smooth running of any software and Bluestack provide such for users. With regularly update, Bluestack has become a more stable Android Player compared to others.

3. User Interface: Bluestacks offers a simple and unique user interface, making it simpler for users to install and run app simultaneously.

4. Engine: Bluestack consist of the best software engines like OpenGL and DirectX. Bluestack also has Engine for advanced software requiring lots of resources.

If you insist in getting the best Bluetacks app players alternatives below are some trusted one.

  1. Windroy
  2. GenyMotion
  3. RemixOS Player
  4. Nox Player
  5. Ko Player


Bluestack app player is one of the best Android App Emulators out there offering the best user interface. Bluestack can be customized to fit your needs as well used to run a heavy task.

Knowing the basics of Bluestack player will go along way to help you execute the task and perform other related tasks.

With Bluestack, you can easily run top android apps like WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Temple Run, Dream League Soccer and many more.

If you have an older version installed, consider upgrading to the latest version.

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