How to Recover Footlocker Homeview Login and a Short Review?

Are you bothered about your Footlocker Homeview login password recovery? Don’t be. We understand how you feel when you can’t sign in to your Footlocker account to see the list of products you ordered for from Footlocker.

If you have been patronizing Footlocker for a few years you’d know that Footlocker Homeview is one of the centres of footwears and sportswear widely known for women and men wears, brands, and wears & footwears for kids.

Should you want to recover your Footlocker Homeview login you would need your Footlocker email address to receive a password recovery link from the site, sign in to your email address, click on the link to recover your footlocker password, and create a new password for your footlocker account.

What is Footlocker Homeview?

Footlocker Homeview is a brand that sells sports wears such as sports shoes, consuls shoes, sportswear like Jersey, sneakers, and other brand popular wears across 28 countries in the world with the company’s head office in the United State of America.

The Footlocker Homeview created competitive space for popular brands like Nike, Adidas, UnderAmore, Puma, DKS, Skechers, and Columbia Sportswear.

The Footlocker wears are as popular as the brand mentions above. However, it won’t be news when you choose to order your choice of sports wears from Homeview store. However, just like other online Sports wears sites, you need to create an account on Footlocker to order for Footlocker wears.

With your Footlocker Homeview login, you will be able to track the products you ordered for to know when it’ll be delivered through your Footlocker dashboard backing the information from the shipping.

Footlocker Employee Discount

Footlocker offers a daily discount to both employee and customers to as high as 30% of the daily purchase. These discounts do not include new releases, popular and trending products.

You will also be offered an amazing 50% discount 3 times a year when you walk into the Footlocker store to make your purchase rather than log in to your Footlocker account and order for your foot and sports wears.

The discount rate is for both Footlocker employees and customers coming to purchase in the company’s store.

How to Change Footlocker Homeview Password

Here is the detailed approach to recover Footlocker password if you can’t remember where you kept it.

  1. Open your browser and go to Footlocker homepage
  2. Click on the sign/register button and click on forgot password in the pop-down.Click on Forgot Footlocker Homeview
  3. Enter the email address associated to your Footlocker Homeview account and click on send a link for password change in the pink colour.Password Recovery
  4. Sign in to your email account >> your password >> change your passwordChange Footlocker Homeview password
  5. A new tab will open type the new password you will like to use to sign in to your Footlocker account and click on the submit button.Create a new password
  6. A success message will appear and you can proceed to sign in to your Footlocker account with the new password.

How to Change your Password when you are Signed in to your Account

You can set a new password to replace the old password in your Footlocker Homeview account. Follow these procedures.

  1. Sign in to your Footlocker account using your password and username
  2. Click on the “Edit” button under the “Login Data”Edit Footlocker login
  3. Under your “Current” password type your new password and click on the “Save”Footlocker Homeview login
  4. Done

Choose either of the approaches above to change your password on Footlocker and gain access to your account again.

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