13 Google Meet Chrome Extensions You Can Try Right Now!

Enjoy your Google Meet experience with this list of Chrome Extensions that will give the traditional Google Meet an advanced feature.

In the past few months, the demand for video conferencing and collaboration services has grown dramatically, and one service that ranked above the rest would be Google Meet.

The service has basic features like video and audio calling, grid view, and sharing screens, but the Google collaboration tool also includes special features like noise cancellation and bass mode. Light, better security, and integration with other services from Google like Gmail.

However, one feature that many users overlook is that you can only run Google Meet on PC on the web. Because of this, you can use the tools in your web browser to customize the service to your liking. For many users, this is Google Chrome.

Fortunately, several developers have created extensions for Google Meet that can be used in Chrome. Some of these could do Meet as well as Zoom.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the best and most useful Google Meet Chrome extensions to help you get the most out of Google Meet.

Google Meet Grid View

By default, you can use Google to see up to 16 people during a meeting session. For those of you who want to see more people in the meeting, such as, those offered by Zoom, you can use the Google Meet Grid View extension in Chrome to see everyone in your group session.

The extension enables a grid layout on the call screen with rectangular fields of the same size to see as many people as possible during a video conference. In addition to showing the video feed of more attendees, this extension lets you view your video, tag the attendee who is actively speaking, and hide those whose video feed is turned off.

Google Meet Grid View Chrome Extensions

If you want a comprehensive tool to rely on to get the most out of Google Meet, the Google Meet Enhancement Suite is the extension that can be installed on Google Chrome. The tool has dozens of features and default settings that make Google Meet as functional as Zoom. This includes the ability to automatically mute the microphone, mute video while attending a meeting, or enable closed captions.

Google Meet Chrome extensions

However, the Meet Enhancement Suite’s standout features are push-to-talk, which allows users to quickly mute and unmute audio using a keyboard shortcut and auto-join, which allows you to skip the screen saver when you join a meeting. You can also quickly start and end meetings, duplicate videos, delete all participants, activate the dark mode, and activate DND mode.

Nod Chrome Extensions – Reactions for Google Meet

Google Meet Chrome extensions

With Google Meet, you can mute other meeting participants in a meeting to listen carefully to the current speaker. However, if you want to work together at some point, there is no way to express yourself with the host within the department. Enter nod reactions for Google Meet. When you activate Nod, you can “raise your hand” (figuratively) to indicate to the host that you want to speak. In addition to raising your hand, you can send a variety of other reactions that will appear on the meeting screen, such as “Clapping,” “Laughing,” “Thumbs up,” “Hmm” and “Wow.”

Visual effects for Google Meet Chrome Extensions

Visual effects for Google Meet

Unlike Zoom, Google Meet does not offer the ability to have virtual resources during meetings. While you can use the Snap Camera to change your surroundings, there is still no easy way to change the background. The Visual Effects extension for Google Meet allows you to apply various effects to your backgrounds, such as Bubbles, On-Screen Text, Freeze, Cubes, Sunglasses, Contrast, Invert, One Blur, One Pixel, and a Green Screen.

Currently, the extension only works with a physical green screen. However, the developer has announced that this will be fixed in a future update.

Meet Attendance Chrome Extensions

With Google Meet, you can include up to 250 participants in a single call. With so many members on board, it can be difficult to discuss all of the meeting procedures and verify who was present during the meeting. The Meet Attendance extension in Chrome does just that and offers the possibility to take action during a meet session.

Meet Attendance

When activated, the function will be displayed next to the “People” tab, and from there, you can create a new sheet/worksheet. The extension then adds who is attending the meeting and next to the meeting URL.

Google Meet Push To Talk

Not all organizations or groups use the same form of communication. For example, classrooms only need audio input from a student when they want to study. The Google Meet Push To Talk extension works much like a walkie-talkie that requires you to press the space bar on the keyboard to speak. For the rest of the time, your microphone will remain mute.

Google Meet Push To Talk

The extension ensures that attendees don’t have to click a series of buttons to mute and unmute the sound. You can also customize which key you want to use as the Push to Talk hotkey during a meeting.

Tactiq Pins for Google Meet

When a meeting begins, you will be asked to listen in and provide feedback in due course. However, the real problem starts when the meeting ends, and you want to pick up on all of the points discussed. While you can record video sessions on your computer, you may not want to skip the entire recording to get a general feel for everything that has been discussed.

Tactiq Pins for Google Meet

This is where the Tactiq Pins extension for Google Meet for Chrome comes into play. With this extension, you can record live transcriptions and play them back in real-time. You can pin meaningful conversations to find later and save the transcripts on your clipboard as TXT files in Tactiq or upload them to Google Drive.

Google Meet Classroom Extension

Google Meet Classroom Extension

This Google Chrome extension brings whiteboard functionality to each attendee’s screen with the extension installed to Google Meet. Once activated, the user will see a whiteboard button on the call screen that will open a whiteboard overlaid on the screen. You can then draw, write, or calculate for other users to see, although others cannot interact on the same board.

Google Meet Party button

Google Meet Party button

Your team just reached a long-term goal that everyone worked hard for, and it’s time to celebrate, but it’s limited to your bedroom locks. This extension adds a button to your Google Meet screen that allows you to send party poppers to celebrate at an event or someone’s birthday.

Google Meet Breakout Rooms

This allows meeting hosts can split the main meeting group into several subgroups. While Google Meet doesn’t natively ship with a feature like Zoom, you can still use that feature by installing the Google Meet Breakout Rooms extension on Google Chrome.

With the extension, you can switch seamlessly between rooms and display them as tiles or tabs, add participants to different rooms, close rooms, mute all, or remove all participants. An additional feature is the simultaneous streaming of audio and video to all rooms of the subcommittee. This is useful when hosts need to share the same message with an entire organization.

Google Meet Breakout Rooms

Fireflies Meeting Recorder Transcribe, Search

Fireflies are an easy way to record your Google Meet meetings and transcribe them later. The tool adds a button to Google Meet and Google Calendar that allows you to transcribe calls with just one button. This way, you can avoid having to deal with large audio files to listen to and transcribe yourself.

Fireflies Meeting Recorder Transcribe, Search

The free tool allows you to record your meetings, make audio notes, mark important moments, and share them with your teammates. And what more? Not only can you use Fireflies with Google Meet, but you can also use it with Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and other collaboration tools.

Google Meet call timer Chrome Extensions

The Google Meet call timer adds a timer to the meeting screen to check the time remaining until a meeting session ends. When the timer is activated, it will appear in the top right corner of the screen where the Attendees, Clock, and Chat tabs are located.

You can set a specific time for the start of a meeting and deactivate it at any time. At the end of a meeting, the total duration of the session is displayed.

TurboMeet Chrome Extensions: Turbocharge your Google Meet

TurboMeet: Turbocharge your Google Meet

TurboMeet is an alternative to Google Meet Enhancement Suite and can be used if you weren’t impressed with the latter. Like the Enhancement Suite, TurboMeet lets you enable push-to-talk for an uninterrupted meeting, end meetings using keyboard shortcuts, enable automatic subtitles, and more.

In terms of automation, the tool includes an auto-connect feature to bypass the presence screen and automatically turn off audio and video before meetings begin.

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