How To Download & Install XRayUltimate in Minecraft

How do you install XRayUltimate on Minecraft? If you need an answer to this question, then you need to read this article to the end.

Nowadays, many people like to spend their free time playing games. One of the best games that people enjoy is Minecraft Mining Adventure. Minecraft is one of the games that require good game skills. Among the participants are players with good mining skills and the other one does not have the required skills.

However, people with limited mining skills no longer have to worry about stress. This is due to the availability of the X-ray Ultimate Resource Pack.

This pack has been well designed and presented to help all players who love this game and need extra help. In general, this package is specially designed to help the player play. This aspect distinguishes the Xray package from other packages in that it does not improve the images of the game as a whole and thus offers you essential assistance. what you need. This means that the entire package highlights all of the mineral blocks and ores for you to play with.

Regarding this type of support that the X-ray package provides, the player can know where to go to mine and thus save time. However, to know how the x-ray package works, it is necessary to understand the various functions of the x-ray package, which are easy to understand and follow. Knowing all the features of this pack will allow all players to acquire the mining skills they need.

Overall, the entire package consists of an x16 resolution which helps avoid fps drops. To be able to competently execute the entire package, it is imperative to use Optifine. Optifine generally helps the gamer to get an effective night vision effect and the gamer to turn off the soft lighting when needed.

What is XRayUltimate on Minecraft?

Xray Ultimate 1.14 for Minecraft is a rare texture pack that offers a rather unusual way to diversify your adventures. The point is, you can now actively use only transparent and entirely new textures.

It might sound pretty strange, but in fact, you have the opportunity to actively explore a new world and even look through many levels. In any case, you have plenty of opportunities for active research and possible use of new functions. We advise you not to waste a lot of time and take action.

How to install XRayUltimate on Minecraft

This article is our step-by-step guide on how to download and install XRayUltimate in Minecraft. What is XRayUltimate? Well, this is a resource pack for Minecraft that allows you to see through dirt, stone, granite, diorite, etc. Diamonds, iron, emeralds and any mineral easier to find. However, this is prohibited on most servers. So be sure to use it alone. However, let’s see how to download and install the XRayUltimate Resource Pack in Minecraft.

Steps to Install the XRayUltimate on Minecraft

  • Download the XRayUltimate
  • Open Minecraft and find the “Resource Pack” section
  • Install XRayUltimate
  • Select the XRayUltimate Resource Pack

1. Download the XRayUltimate

First, we need to download the texture pack for Minecraft. You can find the official download page for the XRayUltimate Texture Pack by clicking the yellow “Download XRayUltimate” button above.

Once you are on the XRayUltimate Resource Pack download page, the Files download page will appear in the menu bar in the middle of the page. You will then be redirected to the page where you can see all versions of XRayUltimate.

Which version you download depends on which version of Minecraft you will be playing. The good news is that their setup is the same for all versions of Minecraft. It’s the same on PC and Mac!

install XRayUltimats on Minecraft

2. Open Minecraft and find the “Resource Pack” section

Before we can install XRayUltimate we need to find the folder where we want it to be installed.

Fortunately, it’s very, very easy, just open Minecraft and click the Options button on the main menu.

This will bring up a page that shows the Resource Bundles option.

Click on it and you will see “Available Resource Packs” and “Selected Resource Packs”.

You will also see an “Open Resource Pack Folder” button. From there we can install the resource pack.

3. Install XRayUltimate

So you’ve downloaded the XRayUltimate resource pack and found the resource pack folder.

The research, however, is on how to install it. Well, it is very simple.

Just click the Open Resource Pack button to open the Resource Pack folder.

Now all you have to do is drag and drop XRayUltimate into the folder you have opened for resource sets.

Here! Just drag and drop XRayUltimate into the resource pack folder and voila!

install XRayUltimats on Minecraft

4. Select the XRayUltimate Resource Pack

The last thing you need to do is select the XRayUltimate texture package. It’s very, very simple.

Just go back to Minecraft, click the Done button in the lower right corner, and then click the Open Resource Pack folder again.

You will now see “XRayUltimate” in the “Available Resource Packs” section. To activate it, just hover your mouse pointer over the image on the left side of XRayUltimate and click the right arrow.

This moves the resource set to the Selected Resource Sets section. After moving the resource pack to this page, click Done. Minecraft will then install the texture pack and reload it!

Congratulations! XRayUltimate is now installed! Have fun, build things or install other texture packs or mods.


Xray Ultimate for Minecraft is a special texture pack that makes the game much easier. The point is that after installing this texture set, you can actively take advantage of the advantage in the form of transparent walls.

You can now activate this feature and see minerals and other resources through any fences. Of course, this mod isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t want to waste time researching and using the mineral, this type of texture works best. So that you can safely check these properties and then evaluate the result.

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