Top 6 best offline shooting games for Android

That feeling you get when you want to play games on your smartphone, but don’t have internet access?  Well, don’t worry because if you are looking for some great Android gaming devices that also work offline, we’ve carefully come up with the best offline shooting games for Android phones.

 You no longer need to scribble your data plans because we bring you the best offline shooting games for your Android device.  These are not just cartoon characters, but some are even real characters.

 If you are looking for the best offline shooting games for your Smartphone or tablet, then you are in the right place.  Shooting games requires advanced thinking and awareness of intelligence.  Of course, there are many good games that can be downloaded online, but not many games can be played offline.

Offline shooting games for Android

The best offline shooting games for Android

 Below is a list of the best online shooting games for Android devices on your phone or tablet.

1.    Critical Ops

 There can never be the best online gaming game for Android devices right now without mentioning its incredible performance.  With beautiful graphics and classic gameplay, Critical Ops is a fast FPS that will test your reaction to system skills.

Try to provoke modern war crimes as you fight violent acts as terrorists or seek to destroy them as a terrorist.  Fight it out or fight with your friends for the sake of showing your power, or show the world your magic by swinging someone’s boards.  Participate in the most competitive FPS competition ever


2.    Fire Cover

 Cover Fire is the single most popular game currently on Android.  If you want to run an Android-based shooter, Cover Fire will be a good choice.  You can choose from a variety of characters to play where there is a large selection of deadly weapons that you can use against enemies.

  The graphics are very good and the game is like a console game.  Can fight with many troops and all their special abilities will be useful in the battle.  Lead your army to victory and bring opposition against bad organization in this great game.


3.    Hitman Sniper

 If you are a fan of Hitman games and legends on the Console or PC, then you know what to expect in the mobile version.  The Hitman Sniper article is a game of people who are passionate about what people eat.  Designed in Montenegro, the game has over 150 games to complete as well as 10 different deals to plot.


4.    Gun War

For those who become soldiers in a special forces unit, there will be huge opportunities. The player can download Gone War and try his hand at shooting as an elite fighter.

As the company passes, you will take part in 124 missions, each of which is dangerous and difficult to choose between two modes so that you have to show all your abilities.

Gangs, terrorists and even machines will confront you. Moreover, think ahead if you can resist the zombies, which are practically immortal. The game has high-quality, detailed 3D graphics. All game progress will be saved in the cloud, so you’ll never lose. Many different missions and weapons will be available for the unit fighter.


5.    Dead Target

An exciting action game. This procedure occurs in 2040 when World War III began. However, it differs significantly from previous wars. The Minister of Defense decided to sign a contract with a secret organization called CS so that it could conduct unlawful experiments and enable the prisoners to be turned into super-killers.

But everything did not go according to plan. One of the company’s scientists betrayed him, after which an incomplete virus spread across the country and turned most people into neighborhoods. Now the most difficult period for all of the remaining groups of people has begun.

The opposition state, after learning of such an incident, decided to send its intelligence officers to clarify the information, as well as to develop a winning strategy and carry out a counter attack. Errors are strictly prohibited, otherwise your team will turn into the same dead people.


6.   Modern Combat 5

The next freely available military shooter is Modern Combat 5. Start creating a detachment, train fighters, choose weapons, invite friends to the team – and go to battle!

If you prefer to play alone, you are welcome! Be the savior of humanity, and protect people from the invaders and extremists who encroach upon the holiest – life and freedom. Free your city, and destroy anyone who interferes in a peaceful life!

Not decided yet who will you be? You have the chance to become an assault plane, scout, paratrooper, sniper, or support fighter. Learn your hero, upgrade skills, upgrade, choose tactics, fight alone or join a network battle with your team against the opposing team. Amazing detail, shooting looks real.


We hope you really found this article helpful. Let us know your favorite out of the 6 games at the comment box. Share to help offline game lovers know the Top 6 best offline shooting games for Android.

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